My Dinner with David Duchovny

Okay, I am not really having dinner with David Duchovny. Calm down. But if I had several thousand dollars to drop on an eBay auction bid, I could have dinner with David. And Nicholas Lea. And Chris Carter. How cool would that be. The best part would be that my husband would be totally psyched for me because he is an X-files fan himself; although he would probably want to know where he could bid on a Gillian Andersen dinner date, and he is very handsome, with a great ass and she is single – so I would be less cool. Women look way too much at my husband’s rear view. Despite the fact that he doesn’t notice, and I am too wonderful for him to consider upgrading to another model, I know Gillian would find him hot.

But getting back to the original topic, David and company are being auctioned to raise money for a Canadian actress who’s had a cancer recurrence. I am not familiar with Canadian TV or theater, so I didn’t recognize her name, but she is important within the industry and it’s really nice to see people give so generously of their time to help someone who is ill. 

When I mentioned this to Rob, he was surprisingly not cool about it. “I learned everything I know about sharing from you,” he told me and that made me laugh. I wouldn’t go to dinner with David without Rob anyway. It wouldn’t be as much fun without him to share the experience with and I am not the type to star worship or enter bidding wars or contests to meet them. Although meeting David Duchovny might be fun and interesting, I can’t think of too many famous people I would go out of my way to encounter. They are just people after all and just because they seem funny or smart or even attractive in the far away surreal kind of way they do in magazines or on the screen, big or small, that doesn’t mean they are that way at all. I am reminded of the often run feature in celebrity tabloids of actresses without make up. Scary. And just like anyone you run into at the grocery really.

Dinner with David Duchovny? Who would you want to dine with?

3 thoughts on “My Dinner with David Duchovny

  1. Gandhi. I’d fight Gandhi.

    WHOOPS! Wrong movie/TV show.

    I think I would like to dine with George Carlin. I can never get enough of his cutting commentary on life as we know it.

    If Carlin wasn’t available, maybe Jon Stewart or Lewis Black.

    Actually strike that. Noam Chomsky. Freeman Dyson?

    How do you choose??

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