A Thought

I’ve been thinking (again) about this life and loss stuff. There are those who believe with all their being that grief, whatever the cause, must be addressed until it can be wallowed in and analyzed and milked no more. There are those who are equally sure that it can be put away on a shelf like a book one has read and is done with forever. There are those who choose to deflect it with other activities – distractions. But does it have to be so all or nothing? So absolute? What about balance? What about moderation in all things? 

I know people who live their pain and can’t conceive of a life without it. I know people who run from it and embrace all manner of distraction and are confused when the distraction is gone and the pain is still there. I know people who shelve it. And I know, for myself – and not just because of having been widowed, that it is not that simple. There is room in our existence for all things – all the time. 

Life is woven like a tapestry, not a molded collection of synthetic fibers.

One thought on “A Thought

  1. I don’t know what I know about it at six months today. All I know is that running has done nothing, staying has done nothing. Sigh… A mess. A giant mess.

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