Rob got the okay on his transfer. The details have yet to be ironed out but it appears that I may be a Texan by summer. Moving back is not something I much considered when I came here to by with Rob and get married even though I knew that it was a possibility given his job. Now that it is a fact, I am a little sad. I will miss it here. Rob thinks that is a bit crazy (okay, a lot crazy) because we live in the midst of an industrial cluster-fuck on the prairie. And he is right. We went into the city last night and the refineries were spewing god only knows what into the frigid air. Fouls smells and water vapor laced with chemicals. Still, the heart of the city is a forest. A real forest that surrounds the river banks and bluffs. I was noticing the shelter belt around our little town yesterday too. You can’t even see the town for the trees. There was nothing like this back home in the States.

As a midwesterner my opinion of Texas on the whole is rather negative. I turned down teaching jobs there when I was right out of college because I couldn’t imagine living in such a redneck, backward thinking place (and I grew up in a basically lily white, near exclusively Catholic blue-collar town too). Perhaps it will not be the ultra-right wing, pious on the surface only place it portrays itself to be? It doesn’t matter because I will be living there for the next couple of years and I am going to make the very best use of the time.

So, now it is time to make lists and clean and sort and purge. It is also time to think about teaching again and to that end I have a bit of work to do as well. I am thinking that I may just want to sub instead of looking for full or even part time work. But we will see what comes up.

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