memoir fodder

Oh and maybe some widowhood. Rob and me tend to get caught up in that death, grief and rebuilding thing from time to time. Getting back to the memoir – among other things – has brought it to forefront again.

But the impetus behind our story ending up over at DoubleXX began with the idea some people have that marriage changes a person. Which I won’t dispute because living life does, should really, change us and hopefully in a positive way. But Emma Gilbey Keller writes an on-going series for doubleX about women and how issues affect, direct and sometimes redirect their lives. She asked readers if they had changed for marriage. Actively changed something about themselves in order to make a union work, and I responded. She countered with a request.

Would I write about being widowed and falling in love again?

And naturally I said, yes, I’d love to.

Picture 2

You can read the article at doubleX right now. In fact, I’d be honored if you would.