Get Out the Vote! … For Me


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Quite unexpectedly I received word informing me that I had been nominated for Circle of Moms, Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs list. Having never been recognized by an actual award that wasn’t a product of someone’s considerable skill at badge making, I was stunned.

I am still stunned.

That people read me at all is a thrill that just never gets old. Ever.

To be nominated for blogging though surpasses that thrill, which is saying a lot.

Truth be told, I am still not all that comfortable with being known as a “mommy blogger”. My relationship with my uterus is ambivalent during the best of times, and there is a part of me that wishes the webosphere afforded me other options than leading with my womb. If you are mom and you blog – you are a mommy blogger. If you are a childless woman – you are a militant feminist blogger (which is kind of like being a cat lady only virtually). If you are over 55, well, you’ve ceased to matter regardless even in this projected reality where men pose as women and have more popular blogs than actual real women do.

The reality of these “topper most of the poppermost” lists roots itself firmly in our high school pasts when we voted for Prom Queens and courts or Student Council members based on their flawless looks, coolness and the perception that somehow the world could only be safe and orderly if we contributed willing to the rigid social caste system that enslaved us.

So one of the things a nominee must do is inspire the troops – and by troops I mean you, dear readers, to click on over and vote for me. Daily.

The rules are as follows: Only one vote per IP address daily and the voting is open until November 17th. I can’t vote for myself, but only because my husband has claimed the right to use our IP address to fanatically vote for me daily himself. Which is awesome and why he is the best husband ever.

Realistically, I know you all have lives and more important things to do than help me stuff a ballot box, and really, I doubt I can win, but I would like to avoid coming in last or worse, not making the Top 25 at all. If you could vote just once, right now, I would be very grateful. Just click this link. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted on the results as they roll in.

4 thoughts on “Get Out the Vote! … For Me

  1. Of course, if you WANT a tiara, I am sure we can all pitch in for one … Lol. There is a quinceanera store down the road from here.

  2. i was primed for a good obsession. i can’t get to the link from my blackberry, but it IS on a 24 hour timer – so i need to pay attention to the timing of the voting to maximize results. best is to hit it about the same time every day….

    i can vote by laptop, iPad and desktop computer at work. have rallied a few friends as well. would love to see you get some additional recognition for good thinking – and good writing. mommy or otherwise, you should have a larger audience…

  3. Ann, I think the nomination (and concept of the contest itself) means more than that. Bloggers are a dime a dozen, but GOOD bloggers work at their craft. They take time in their lives to share things that others miss, to expose themselves in ways that few are courageous enough to do, and they make people THINK – think of new things, think in new ways, think at all. I have learned from you, laughed with you, shed a couple of tears when you shared your hurts. You have made me look at things I was ignorant of and look differently at others. I have not always agreed with you, but that is not the point. Bloggers like you feed a need in the human soul, and that deserves recognition and accolades, even if it does not come with a rhinestone tiara.

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