Dating A Widower by Abel Keogh

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Blogging, Tweeting and FaceBooking  buddy, Abel Keogh, who is the author of Room for Two and The Third, has published a book on widowers and dating. Pretty much everything one would care to know from the perspective of a widower and women who’ve dated and married widowed men.

I haven’t read the entire book yet, but when I do, I will review it here. Until then, the introduction and first chapter are up on Abel’s blog and I encourage those of you looking for information on the subject to check it out.

5 thoughts on “Dating A Widower by Abel Keogh

  1. I started seeing a widower who’s wife passed away 3 months ago. I questioned him if he was ready. He said he was ready to move on we’ve been out several times and really had a connection. Prior to us getting together he had scheduled a solo trip to Mexico for 9 days. When he got back he’s been very distant he says he will call.its been 4 days and no word. If he’s not ready I understand but why won’t he tell me.

    1. Widowed or not, dating is the same as it has always been. People start off gung-ho and certain, but they don’t always remain so.

      I think you should follow your instincts. What would you normally do in a dating situation where a guy is suddenly distant and unavailable?

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