What My Ponytail Says About Me

Found this via Jezebel and had to share.

My husband sometimes comments on how young I look when I have my hair up in a ponytail. It’s difficult for me to pull off “young” anymore, but I don’t have that turkey neck thing going on yet so pulling the hair up and back isn’t like tattooing my age on my waddle.

I wasn’t aware that ponytails were an IQ measure. It’s a matter of practicality really when cooking or working out especially with the wild curl and thick mane I have. When my hair is straightened, it’s a bit easier to leave hanging but in it’s natural state, it impedes vision, tangles and gets in everything.

Ask my husband.

I get regular updates on the proliferation of hairballs in sink and tub drains, and the last time he emptied the house vac cannister, he expressed incredulity about my continued lack of baldness.

“Several people would have more than adequate scalp coverage with what I found today,” he informed me. “I still can’t figure out why you’re not bald. I find hair everywhere and daily and you still have more on your head.”

It is a wonder.

Or not, I am a daughter of Zeus after all.


One thought on “What My Ponytail Says About Me

  1. ha ha… I lose so much hair every time I shower, I can’t believe I’m not bald either.
    And who knew I was wearing the smart girl ponytail??

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