Liberals Suck Just As Much as Tea Partiers

The Emperor's new clothes

Image by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

Why? Because they don’t like the truth either.

Especially when it challenges their assumptions, illusions, delusions or the outdated and/or unsustainable fantasy lands they prefer over reality.

Take health care for example.

No, really, health care.

Among the many things I am envied for now that I am a “Canadian” is the fact that we have a quasi-universal system whereas my nearest, dearest and somewhat acquainted with in the U.S. are at the mercy of a hodge-podge of plans and coverage that rest largely on one’s ability to have a really good job or be old enough to have finally grabbed the golden Medicare ring.

But it’s not for all its universality and it’s not equitable really because each province is free to fund or not a long list of health care perks to which they can attach user fees – though they tend to be ridiculously modest in light of what the average American pays per month for similar coverage.

The system is also insanely expensive. According to recent numbers if Canadian Medicare was a business, it would be among the largest corporations in the world.  Based on 2009 revenues, it earned$183.1 billion which would earn it the number three spot on Fortune 500’s list between Exxon Mobil and Chevron. It would also be the talk of Wall Street for its poor business practices, and the fact that despite raking in revenue, it’s expenses still manage to eat up most of its “profits”. If it were a business, no investor in his/her right mind would touch it.

Canadians are used to hearing that their much-loved system is in deep do-do. So used to it that their defense mechanisms are well-honed and anyone who dares to point out the Emperor Healthcare is wearing a hospital gown with a decidedly exposed rear end is likely to be shamed at best or called out as Republican in Maple-leaf clothing.

I wrote a post for Care2 the other day – at the urging of my editor – citing a very well-known (if you bother to read the news) fact about how the current conservative government is quietly hanging their share of Medicare funding out on the line in hopes, it seems, that no one will notice what they are doing until it’s too late.

Judging from the roasting I personally received from the Canadian commenters, it would appear that the Harper government‘s stealth abandonment of its obligations is going well. NO ONE believed me. And this in spite of the fact that I linked to the article – chock full of facts – that showed I was correct.

The post I wrote focused mainly on the funding issues and the fact that Canada’s much-cherished system has some issues. Some of them big. And some of them getting bigger.

What did everyone zero in on?

Well, that I am an American. More than a few of the comments seemed to think I was living in the States and writing fiction about Canada’s health care for the Tea Party.

They also didn’t like that I wasn’t enamoured of my health care and called my personal experiences (and I didn’t even share the horrific ones) out as lies. Bald-faced and in the service of Rush Limbaugh.


Which bring me back to this posts title.

People are idiots. And they are rude and they can’t read very well. But mostly, they don’t want to hear truth unless it is their version of it.

The truth is that Canadian healthcare is okay when compared to the nothing  that exists in the States. But there are countries in the world – more than a handful really – that have much, much better, cheaper and more user-friendly systems.

Canadians spend a lot of money for rather average care and for service that would probably get a person fired if they worked at McDonald’s.

I hesitated to share my own experiences because I am met with enough stern looks from people I actually know when I do. It’s always “you should be more grateful”, but why? Just because illness doesn’t have the same capacity to destroy my life as it did down south (though it’s not venom free), I don’t understand being grateful for a system that knows it can be better and refuses because it would be more work than resting on its big fat superior smugness.

And here’s the thing that really eats at me, Canadians are just as complacent as those in the U.S. who have insurance are because they don’t want to be inconvenienced by reform that would make the system better for those forced to deal with it the most (elderly and chronically ill) and those who aren’t lucky enough to have supplemental insurance through an employer. Because they exist like the Ignorance and Want under Christmas Present’s velvety petticoats but they don’t show Canada in the rosy coloured glow that allows folks here to look down their noses at America.

Lefties? Righties? I am beginning to think the world would be better off without either group. Perhaps those of us in the middle could work on getting something real accomplished if they weren’t mucking things up with their hysteria.

5 thoughts on “Liberals Suck Just As Much as Tea Partiers

  1. I have heard that Spain has a very good system. The biggest thing that bothers me about about the American system is how anybody can say that it was fine the way it was prior to ObamaCare. (How ObamaCare is going to work out remains to be seen… but I have huge doubts.)

    That said, I think I would take Canadian system over the old American system… but I’d prefer one similar to the best ones in the world. Now if we could just get the government to seriously take a look at those!

    1. I have doubts about the “Obamacare” too because it reminds me of the Canada system where the intent is more important than the practice. It’s wonderful to be totally inclusive but not at the expense of actually doing something that works. It is possible to have a good, user-friendly system but there has to be a willingness to talk about what is truly basic health care and what is unrealistic in a system that serves hundreds of millions of people. It’s not for the faint of heart, which is mostly what people are.

      I was pretty clear in the Care2 piece when I compared the systems I have experienced. I didn’t distort or make anything up. I could have blew smoke up people’s asses about how awful the U.S. system is and how saintly it is here – but that wouldn’t be true. Americans who have health insurance through an employer have really good coverage that puts what those with just basic care in Alberta to shame. What Canadians won’t admit is that many of them have secondary coverage through an employer in addition to the provincial basic plan. But there are people without supplemental and for them, the system is half-assed at its best.

    1. Specifically, your contention that people see what they wanna see, and hear what they wanna hear. Also, our healthcare system is poorly run- why anyone would debate that mystifies me.

      If the private healthcare field that I worked in for 15 years ran its business the way publicly funded healthcare does- poor service, ridiculous turnaround times for diagnostics, disjointed provision of “extras”- it would cease to have clients. Why does Canadian healthcare still have clients? Because they don’t have to pay for the service, so have no expectations of service?

      I would dearly love to see public healthcare held accountable in the way that privately-run healthcare in this country is. And yes, there is a very successful, privately-run healthcare system in this country: veterinary care. Ask any pet owner: they will grumble about the cost, but will agree that the service that their pet gets is vastly superior to the service they get for their own healthcare needs.

      1. It puzzles me too. Nearly everyone has a horror story – a personal one not second or third hand – and avoids DR’s like plague by seeing alternative med folk – but they still cling to the idea that the system is superior. While it is better in terms of intent, the practice and outcomes are pretty close to sucking for more people than anyone should be proud of.

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