Falling in Love In A Fifth of a Second

Doki and Nabi meet, and Doki falls in love at ...

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Love at first sight takes less than a full second to occur.

A recent meta analysis study at Syracuse University discovered that the “infatuation” also known as “falling in love” trips the circuits in 12 areas of the brain and jump starts an overload of dopamine and adrenaline. It also unleashes bonding hormones. Powerful little buggers like oxytocin (which also plays a critical role in mother/baby bonding) and vasopressin.

It seems that infatuation is not to be lightly dismissed. Without it, there is no love.

The over-stimulated areas of the brain during the love first bloom are responsible as well for physical manifestations like heart palpitations and butterflies in the stomach.

Researchers didn’t mention whether or not people needed to be staring into each other’s eyes or making pupil contact across a crowded room, but my guess is that probably isn’t necessary.

Reading Rob’s words, via email and then IMing was enough to toggle my circuits. Perhaps it was some other life recall? Or just kindred spirits.

People still scoff at infatuation as though it were a lesser, inconsequential step in the process. All steps in the “falling in love” process are essential and none more so than the first steps.

Which take all of a fifth of a second.

2 thoughts on “Falling in Love In A Fifth of a Second

  1. i fully concur. unfortunately, i’ve found that to fall out of love can take a mere fifteenth of a second.

    …and i want that fifteenth of a second back.

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