Just Like You

Tea Party Witch Sign

Really, Christine O’Donnell? JUST like me? Or rather just like all the other folks in Delaware that once grabbed viciously at fringe fame via MTV and Bill Maher?

Poor Chrissy has been hiding out and ducking the media in the wake of Bill Maher’s rather vicious and blatantly self-serving release of a clip from his old show, Politically Incorrect, where she claimed to have “dabbled in witch craft“.

I’ve seen the clip and she is obviously spouting nonsense in an attempt to “hang” with the “cool” people on the panel. She’s that girl you knew in high school who always had a story to match whatever story you just told.

What’s sadder than Maher’s trying to establish relevance on her ditsy persona is the fact that this “controversy” is just one of many red herrings driving the political discourse down south.

In a very Palinesque move, she’s released the following ad:

I will agree with one thing. We probably don’t know her at all – which is actually the better reason to not send her to the Senate.

5 thoughts on “Just Like You

  1. Now to be fair, she has given the pundits and commentators and comics a lot of material, so in a way she is providing a service. It is important for democrats to remember that republicans in Delaware voted for her in the primary, which mean democrats need to get out and vote against her in November.

  2. that clip should be submitted under the category “Horror Short Films” at Sundance… how can she simultaneously channel Sally Field and Sarah Palin?

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