Must. Sell. Girl. Guide. Cookies.

2008-03-02 Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales (19)

Image by juverna via Flickr

That’s Girl Scout cookies to my friends down under (Canada), and I have three boxes of them in my office as I type.

$144CAN and it’s not like the old days where the troop doles cookies out after little girls bring in their order forms, collecting payment upon delivery.

As a fund-raising method, it leaves a troop wide open to douche-baggery.

Nope, the girls front cash for the cookies up front. Three boxes is the minimum buy in, so woe is the family without friends, relations and who aren’t in good stead with at least the neighbors who live in closest proximity.

And then, it’s door to door. Desperate Facebook status pleas and hawking them at work when all else fails.

Well, actually, total failure means looking up recipes for orphan cookies in the Internet and force feeding them to your family, hoping that the sodium and trans fat aren’t really as bad as all those news reports keep saying.

How hard can it be to get rid of 36 boxes of minty chocolate incredibly bad you-ness goodness? I mean really. People eat nearly anything even now with doom up the yin-yang long-term health prophecies warning them off.

This was not quite the learning experience I envisioned for Dee’s first ever scout meeting, but I knew about the cookies going in. I can’t claim ignorance and the cookies are here. Just off to the left of my peripheral vision, so I must deal.

And wheeler deal I will.

6 thoughts on “Must. Sell. Girl. Guide. Cookies.

  1. I had it easy for a while – I was the only person in my office with a Girl Scout daughter, so all I had to do was stick the order form up on a wall and the cookies sold themselves. Sadly, those days are over, and I’m lucky if I can unload more than a few boxes at work. Last year I procrastinated about taking the order form in and ended up buying 25 boxes myself to meet the minimum goal, and by the time they were gone, neither of us ever wanted to see another Girl Scout cookie. At least we have another 3 months before selling seasons starts up again!

    1. Well, there are all those fab recipes for left over cookies, but I’d rather not be forced to use any. I’d have gladly written a check for no cookies in exchange at all to be honest – which is my idea of the perfect fundraiser – but there are apparently badges or something attached to this. Ridiculous at her age b/c she will do far less than Rob or I to get rid of those heart attacks in a box.

  2. Things sure have changed since I was a Girl Scout. My daughter would have been in a bind seeing as how her dad and I didn’t work in an office, and there are only so many things you can sell in a neighborhood teeming with kids. That’s too bad.

    1. Our neighborhood teems with babies and toddlers mostly, but there are a lot of rental homes and people we don’t know as a result. I noticed when I was teaching that fundraiser always happens in a clump. Boy Scouts’ are selling popcorn right now and our elementary school has sent home its second fundraiser packet in a month. Organizations for children (which includes public schools sadly) seem to rely on a hodgepodge of funding that puts parents in the awkward position of trading on friendship and family relationships or simply eating the costs. Rob is so not down with the latter.

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