If Only There was a God …

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…he could bless America today because she is going to need it over the next 15 months.

We don’t hear much about 9/11 up here except for the anti-Muslim stuff that is. Koran burning has made our news, and the mostly live and let live folk that Canadians are – it just reinforcing the opinion that Americans are not the freedom loving people they proclaim ala Hamlet’s mother to be.

So with the wingnuts roasting weiners around a book bonfire and Sarah Palin nipping about Obama’s presidential re-election hopes, those who perished at ground zero truly deserve better.

We all deserve better.

But we aren’t going to get it.

So, God? Bless America if you really have the power ‘cuz it’s about to get uglier.

6 thoughts on “If Only There was a God …

    1. Amazingly Reagan couldn’t get himself a spot at the GOP table if he were running today, but what happened is simply – the GOP sold itself to the crazy folk who believe that they have the monopoly on right think and should therefore force it on others for their own good. Those kind of people colonized the new world and wiped out untold millions of people and their cultures – they are real threats and the GOP stupidly thought they could be used long-term.

  1. Here is my problem, and why I rage against mainstream media: the wingnuts have taken over the image of the United States. Someone on the Fox Entertainment Channel makes a statement, and then they report it as news! I don’t know how this happened but it needs to stop. I think God is laughing at the idiocy and the intelligent, thinking people with microphones who have allowed this to happen. Between you and me, I sincerely believe that at the root of all this nonsense is that some people cannot stand the fact that a black man was elected president and lives in the White House. It does me no good to spout locally because all my friends and family believe the way I do ~ and where is our representation in the mainstream media? I watch Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart.

    1. Absolutely an undercurrent of racism is in play but “ism’s” in general have been pushed so far under in U.S. culture that many whites don’t even realize just how prejudiced they actually are.

      I think though too the Reps played to the far right and the religiously intolerant so well in the Bush (and even the Clinton) years that many people also don’t realize that we really weren’t a nation founded on Christianity and that the Founders were serious about separation of church and state.

      When the only people in the media with a handle on the truth are a comedian and an op-ed commentator – we are in trouble.

      1. I agree with you on all counts. Newt Gingrich is back in a leadership role for that group which makes my stomach turn. I naively hoped we had moved on.

        1. Newt is sizing up the White House and for sleaze factor, the guy can go toe to toe with Clinton (minus the charm).

          I see that Palin held off on her coming out party yesterday. How low-key of her.

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