Time of Death? There’s an App for That

Ever wondered when you were going to die? Imagine no further because an app developer has got you covered.

With the ease of a click and for the pittance of exposing your personal information (and the personal information of everyone whose foolishly friended you), the time of your shuffle off the mortal coil can be yours to cherish and share with your family, friends and that girl from high school who you only friended in order to find out if she’s gotten fat or not (she didn’t, which validates your continued dislike of her).

Of course it’s just a spoof. A fun way to pass the time you choose not to spend interacting in the real world.

But what if those few clicks away of your privacy revealed your actual date of death?

And what if it was like … an hour or a day or a week or so from right now?

This app has popped up on my Facebook feed a few times. It’s slightly creepy, and in my opinion – fate tempting, but overall rather harmless. The bell tolls for us all eventually. No point in cowering fearfully.

Most of the death sentences put the recipient well into old age. The impending demises are sitcom hokey.

What I’d like to see would set a person recoiling from the keyboard like school girls from a bathroom mirror after a “Bloody Mary” chant during a sleepover.

Anniegirl1138 Well, this is inconvenient.

Annie has just found out DEATH’S TIME

DATE: July 10th, 2010 at 2:12 AM

CAUSE: Asthma attack induced by selfish next door neighbors and their love of fire pits but their complete ineptitude, which creates more smoke than actual fire.

AGE: 46

Hmmm, it sorta isn’t as funny, eh?

I wonder what would happen if I posted this as my FB status update?

Not that I am in favor of squashing ghoulish fun. Mocking the impending is a brilliant coping strategy. Truly.

But, the non-yoga space in my soul can’t help but going to places that would make others feel uncomfortable in their naiveté.

3 thoughts on “Time of Death? There’s an App for That

  1. i suppose it would cross clearly over into the realm of ‘mean-spirited’ if you started posting the near-term ‘death’s time’ on other folks’ walls… dark humor. sometimes it’ll get you through the day!

  2. Call me cynical, but I believe this app was developed by the insurance industry to maximize their profits. If they know when you’re going to die, they’ll know the exact moment when to cancel your policy.

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