Devin and Glenn: Marriage Sucks

… so why not let Gays get hitched too?

I found this Hollywood politico cute shoot on The Daily Dish. It tries to take aim at the ignorant masses in California who oppose gay marriage, but it winds up making marriage look like an institution tailored specifically with the punishment of homosexuals in mind.

Marriage. That passionless bastion of crass in-laws and fat, inconsiderate spouses. The horror.

And I didn’t miss the supposed point. I just think the point was stupid and way off mark.

I think the creators missed the point. People, most of them anyway, who opposed Prop 8 are average folk who probably don’t know that they know gay people even. Their discomfort was manufactured in churches and via fear-mongering television ads. Denigrating the state of matrimony is not going to win them over although the hip left-wingers will enjoy quite the smug chuckle at the expense of soccer moms and their families.

The point shouldn’t be to make a joke of one side or the other but to introduce people to the reality of what is likely going on all around them. Couples of the same-sex, living, loving and starting families like couples do.

The vast majority of them not bad Hollywood clichés.

Devin and Glenn are bad Judd Apatow-ish fail.

3 thoughts on “Devin and Glenn: Marriage Sucks

    1. The ad is condescending and makes sitcom assumptions about marriage that are trite and detrimental.

      I won’t argue that some people allow themselves to slide into stereotype but overall the Al Bundy view of the institution is very retro and was never true of the majority in any case. It’s very Hollywood elite in full-blown superiority mode and based on the people I know/have known, this is not representative of gays and their families. It’s a cartoon.

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