Smoke Means Fire

Somewhere anyway. Not here. But about 30 minutes north of us a forest/brush fire went rogue yesterday and the air is hazy and distinctly firepitty in our little hamlet today.

On the possibly the warmest day of the month, our windows are as sealed as they can be and we have no central air to off-set the stuffy or the warm.

My lungs have been aching all weekend between the smoke and the neighborhood grass mowing frenzy. I should be used to it, but this asthma business actually gets harder to wrap my zen around as time goes on.

Between the wasps, bees, pollens, dust and now smoke, I am holed up in the nicest of weather in an effort to not get sick and die. Well, just not get sick. I probably won’t die though a sting could be an issue if my epi-pen isn’t handy. They are so cumbersome and not the tiniest bit attractive.

In case you’ve been missing me, I was here, here and here last week, but mostly I have been scaling back again. I mentioned on my FB status that I wanted to pull away near completely from the Net – again – but I was prevailed upon to rethink that by a few wiser heads than my own. I am going to try to take a bit of a break for the summer though – finish a few big projects and plot out my employment prospects for the fall.

Today, it’s off to the consumer hell of Costco and preparing for soccer – I’m snack mom tonight though Rob says that if it’s too smoky, I’ll have to stay home. Can’t risk a full blown asthma attack days before a training weekend.

Happy Monday, people!!

2 thoughts on “Smoke Means Fire

  1. seems that about the time the pollen, smoke and other allergens clear, you’ll be getting snow again up there! here’s to a longer summer for you…

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