I know it probably seems that just when it appears I am posting daily again, I disappear. I am blogging nearly every day but much of it is for other sites. I wrote a post for Care2 late last week that was a monster hit. Over 450 comments. Of course it was about Wiccan students being discriminated against by Christian teachers. Colossal hit. Out of the park. I love it when the commenters take over and begin arguing points amongst themselves. Deeply satisfying.

A couple of mom posts on 50 Something have gone up recently as well. I know that is only of slight interest to most of you here, but I’ll throw it out as an option if you have been missing me terribly.

This week has been eaten up by the pursuit of blogging for almost no money and homework  for my upcoming yoga training weekend. I am crispy where training weekends are concerned. I attended a workshop or training every weekend in February and have only had one weekend off in between. French-fried would be the state of my mind and some things are still only as “clear as Mississippi mud” as my sadistic high school Algebra teacher used to say. The woman thought I was a step up from dangerously inbred. She used to look at me with a mix of puzzlement and determination that was demonic. She’s dead now. I always planned to dance on her grave but it’s not worth the effort to search around through a cemetery full of moldering nuns to find her.

Friday I have a treat for you only – Friday Flash. I have so neglected my puny attempts at fiction in the last months. I’ve been reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It’s Henry VIIIth from Thomas Cromwell’s point of view.

Cromwell is normally vilified when he isn’t being portrayed as a toady or a Protestant zealot. He was a commoner who rose to uncommon heights in the service of King Henry. The mastermind behind the Reformation in some respects and probably more than a little responsible for the policies and law that would advance the idea of representative government.

Mantel hints at a romance between Cromwell and Mary Boleyn (The Other Boleyn Girl) and it’s fascinating speculation. Inspiring. So I ran with it a bit. Friday.

But now I am off to town. The older girls are coming out for supper and I need groceries, and I have to catch a quickie yoga class and sit a bit with my teacher, Jade, to see if she can make sense of the class sequencing I have to put together for my homework this month. The anatomy bites and I am still swimming around a drain where external and internal rotation goes. I also have an opportunity to teach a yoga class in the late afternoons after spring break and I need pricing and such advice.

4 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. There always seems to be so much to do and never enough time to do it!

    Hope you’re not over-extending yourself too much! Does training in yoga offer the same stress-releasing benefits as non-training yoga?

    1. Any stress is self-induced b/c I tend towards making things appear bigger than they are – it’s a perfectionist thing. I always feel cleansed after an intense practice and my instructor, Jade, told me recently that she has noticed that I am stronger and my form improves after every weekend. The opportunity to take things apart and practice methodically does amazing things.

      Training weekends are tiring because they are so long but they wear out everyone involved so I know it’s not just me being too old or unfit or something. I like the challenge aspect. I like learning and expanding my skill set. But like any training/academic program, there is a sense of wanting to be done.

    1. Thanks:) I thought I balanced it well. That kind of thing really irritates me. I wish those with “deep” religious convictions would follow their tender sensibilities into private school teaching.

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