Touring the Facility and Picking Up Slack

On training weekends yoga absorbs me utterly. This last weekend proved less difficult than the first when I was certain I had a mouth too full to chew or swallow. I held my own. I have yet to wuss out on a practice ( and yes, I know how un-yoga that sounds) and I earned a couple of nods from the instructor. I found earth and grounded.

But it’s intense and in that way of things when everyone around you is just as keen, clever and chasing it down. By Sunday evening I’d flexed, extended, contracted and expanded every inch of myself. I near aced the Sunday quiz, acquired a wicked looking bruise which tattooed my right kneecap and I was dreaming about yoga poses in Sanskrit. Sanskrit. As if my dreams needed to be kicked up a notch.

And what was happening on the home front while I was away for nine-hour days? Rob was happening. He happened all over the place. The kitchen and dining room were cleaned. Laundry? Done, folded and put away. He had a fresh tea waiting for me every evening when he and Dee picked me up and supper? Home cooked and ready as soon as we got home.

In the old days, I would have wondered what I had done to deserve him, but I have come around to the idea that we are not rewarded or denied by the powers that be. This is simply life as Rob and I have jointly agreed to live it. According to Ariel Gore, only 30% of happiness in life is circumstantial – which is where you live, socio-economic level, married/single etc., and anywhere from 20 to 40% of happiness is based on choosing it.

I know I have talked about choosing before. No need to repeat myself.

The last discussion of the day on Sunday came round to karma. Karma is not about reward and punishment. There is no payback, good or ill. The idea is more about consciousness of action and taking care not to imprint “karma” or your “soul” in a manner that will affect it negatively now, in the near future or another life. Fascinating.

What’s the latter have to do with the former. Absolutely nothing – probably. Have a great day:)

2 thoughts on “Touring the Facility and Picking Up Slack

  1. Hi. I found your blog through Canadian mom bloggers…or some such. I will be stopping back and looking forward to knowing you. I’m American; don’t hold it against me.

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