And Now for Some Updating

My NaNoWriMo has been tardy this week, but I hope to be on track soon enough. First, I had the chance to write the tolerance piece for Care2 which I totally took. Then we were on the road to Victoria all day Saturday where we encountered white out conditions on the high mountain highway between Merritt and Hope and then downpour rain coming into Vancouver. We were on a tight time-table already and just got to the ferry in time to board.

On the ferry, I had a piece of carrot cake and for reasons unknown had a rather severe allergic reaction. I am thinking it was the walnuts. I have a peanut allergy but have never reacted to tree nuts before and as I was stuffed up still from the flu and the high altitudes, it took me a while to figure out it was the walnuts. Another day in the life of the chemically sensitive mutant.

Today I am finally over the worst of the allergy, but I haven’t been writing but for the chapters in my head.

Victoria is beautiful. It’s a walkable place which I love. I walked the harbour on my own this morning and then made my way back to the hotel past Parliament where there were workers laying long strings of Christmas bulbs in preparation for lighting a huge Sequoia that grows in the front lawn. It’s massive. The trunk is the size of a small car.

We haven’t tried afternoon tea yet. Victoria’s Brit influence is quite evident. But maybe today after we stroll and look/see a bit. Tomorrow we are having lunch with Sally and her two kids.

Tonight I’ll finish up chapter four. It’s a shorter one.

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