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The education blog isn’t live yet at, but they were looking for volunteers to write a tolerance piece in the wake of Ft. Hood because the tragedy is bound to reawaken the same sort of anti-Muslim feeling that 9/11 did.

So I volunteered.

I wrote the piece in about 30 minutes, scoured Rob’s hard drive for a photo (and he got the photo credit) and sent it in. It was on their main page last I looked but you can find it and my Sesame Street anniversary piece at this link.

Fenns chapter three is about 300 words from done, so look for it tonight or tomorrow morning. Four is in my head but might follow closely on Sunday.

Otherwise, we are motoring to Jasper tonight and Victoria sometimes on Saturday evening. My voice is shot and Rob is finally admitting he feels like crap, but on the whole we are better than two days ago, so the holiday is on!

4 thoughts on “blogging for pay

  1. Your points in the tolerance piece were very well taken. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the commenters from expressing the precise opposite — which only goes to show why we need more voices like yours out there. Nice work.

  2. hope you feel better..enjoy your vacation.
    thank you for your piece on tolerance following the Ft. Hood tragedy. I live in a small town with my hubby who happens to be a Syrian born/raised Muslim. Even as a Dr. I think he still gets a bit of prejudice from some of the older set in their ways folks. He is very good and so compassionate that I find people praising him here just like our previous city. It’s upsetting to see this sort of violence happening in our cities and I feel for the victims families. it will be very hard to see Dr. Hasan as a sick man rather than as a Muslim gone terrorist with the way the media plays it all up.

  3. used the second link and read both. i’m still struggling with the Ft. Hood thing. no matter Muslim or what, he was a doctor who took a life oath to help others…and failed that oath. now, that is a broad statement as well (thus the struggling). must chew on this more…

    enjoy the vacation, sick or no.

  4. read both pieces at care2 – and especially appreciated the ‘tolerance’ essay. we want simple answers, easily digested. there will be none in this case. focusing on common ground, rather than the chasms of difference would go a long way in most discussions….

    hoping that you are all well enough to enjoy a relaxing holiday!

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