One thousand posts. And it only took 3 years, 2 months and 30 days. Not to mention, a dead husband, a new love, quitting my job of 20 years, emigrating, remarrying, being an immigrant, pursuing a new career and all the details in between.

How many words is a thousand posts? If I average them to about 600 words that’s 600,000, so in author terms, I’ve blogged roughly six novels.

Let’s stop and be impressed with me for a moment, shall we?

Rob pointed the impending milestone out a few weeks ago and asked what I might do to mark the occasion. Aside from pointing it out to you, my dear readers, I haven’t any other plan. My 500th post was a link to a piece I’d written for the now defunct Moms Speak Up. The only time I’ve acknowledged a number milestone was when Rob sent me email #500 during the LDR part of our relationship. It was equally low-key, so this quiet acknowledging is in keeping with me and my blog.

In a way, my blogging has been memoir-ish, which is fitting I suppose. Someone emailed me recently and asked if I didn’t have the blog in an ebook form. It would easy to read that way. I am working on that.

This last week has blurred by, and I think it might be setting an early tone for November. Sometimes when life is hurtling past me from every conceivable direction, I wonder vaguely if I am missing the bigger picture. Will I look back like Emily Webb and lament not having taken the time to savor? And I wonder what, if anything, is the point or picture I think I am missing.

New job is hectic, and very journalistic, which is an odd thing for an op-ed person like me. I think though that it is a crucial step on my journey to … something I am supposed to do … so I am as pleased as I am a tad overwhelmed and frightened of falling squarely on my slightly off-center nose. I am in the process of writing three separate pieces. Interviewing and gathering facts and links. My editor sent out a style sheet for everyone today and I am still trying to pin down the proper browser/WP program because formatting snafu’s make me crazy. It’s exciting to be in on the ground floor. It’s amazing that I have done this myself – networked and written myself to this opportunity. I have felt that my writing career was levitating with all the wheel spinning I’ve done in the last year, but it was purposefully after all.

“Now you will have to stop dicking around and work,” Rob noted.

And so the memoir progresses. I finished my revisions for the appendix to Suzy’s paper back book edition- I will let you know when it is released, and I will put up the Proust questionnaire she asked us (me and two others from the book) to answer when it hits the stores. It was fun in the introspective way that writers have fun – sometimes.

No one has H1N1 here – yet – and hopefully, it will stay that way because as of now our decision on vaccination is still to do nothing and our holiday is booked for November and flu would dampen the experience. Dee and I haven’t see the Pacific, traveled by ferry, holidayed on an island, and I don’t want to miss any of it.

When I started the first version of this blog in July of 2006, I was adrift. Believe it or not, I had a plan that I followed with a scary amount of precision through my late husband’s illness and after his death. But it only took me through July of 2006. Really, it did. Blogging was a multi-purpose endeavor meant to get me back to writing – which I had discovered through my pursuit of my education masters was really my true calling – and to help me sort out my feelings and find redirection. I guess, judging from how things have turned out, I can call the whole blog thing a success, wouldn’t you agree?

7 thoughts on “#1000

  1. your tenacity toward your goal, sense of purpose and ability to maintain flexibility and sense the right opportunities even when they sneak up on you is fantastic! congrats on all the milestones you’ve earned, and also on setting course for a proper holiday! well earned!

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