An Interview for a Writing Opportunity

I mentioned a little while back that I had an opportunity come up via my mommy blogging gig at 50 Something to write for an education oriented blog that’s getting ready to launch. Well, after emailing the contact person with my background – which is substantial if I do have to blow my own horn – I have an interview on Monday.

I don’t know much about the mother site other than it is cause/politics oriented. I checked it out a bit. Liked what I saw there. I like writing about social issues especially when they veer off into the political arena, so this is an awesome opportunity. The more I can write for people and established sites, the better for me as a writer. It’s being published – number one – as opposed to self-publishing, which is what I do here. It is job experience. I have learned a great deal about online publishing and writing standards from my previous gig with Moms Speak Up and now with SVM/50 Something Moms. Experience is experience and online publishing credits count, more with the forward thinkers than the traditional media/journalism people, but it’s only a matter of time before online will carry the same weight on a CV.

It’s exciting, and I need the ego boost to tell the truth. Wish me luck.

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