We are heading to the States at the end of the week. We aren’t packed. Important travel documents are still in a safe somewhere and both Dee and I are on the leading edge of some kind of sinus thing. Which means everything is normal. I don’t think I have ever traveled where it wasn’t “that time of the month” or I wasn’t battling a bug/sinus infection. They are practically prerequisites.

So, in anticipation of travel I have been baking.

Yeah, that seems somewhat counterproductive to me too and yet I bake on. Two batches of raisin scones, 4 loaves of zucchini bread, 4 loaves of pumpkin bread (two with raisins), three loaves of carrot bread and there was banana bread last week. Part of the reason is that I still have zucchini in the freezer from last fall, and Rob picked another box full of the mutant things this weekend. I have already decided that I will not be blanching and freezing this fall. It’s easier to shred it and bake it. The carrots came from our garden too. If I could bake the spaghetti squash into some freezable, I would, but we are just going to have to eat squash – a lot – after we get back.

I had the morbid thought that perhaps I was nesting with all this baking – no not for a baby – but in case of some disaster that was about to befall us. But what kind of horror calls for baked goods?

Rob brought up the suitcases this evening and the packing nightmare is underway. The sadists at the airlines have changed carry-on rules in addition to adding a baggage fee for all checked luggage. Given the iffyness of fall weather in Iowa, I am monitoring the weather and plotting for maximum efficiency.

“Make sure you pack enough underwear for Dee,” Rob reminded me. “You never pack enough for her. I couldn’t figure out why until I realized it’s because you hardly ever wear it yourself and it probably just doesn’t occur to you that you are shorting the poor kid.”


Underwear is already accounted for and secured, but not much else.

Have I mentioned that I am not a good or pleasant traveler? Especially internationally? Doesn’t bode well for our future as nomads, does it?

4 thoughts on “T-Minus

  1. One summer I took my three kids on a vacation, by car, that covered several hundred miles over a period of weeks. I packed shorts and shirts that they hadn’t needed yet in Maine…and some of the clothes were too small! We found a department store and bought some outfits and continued on. Traveling with children is always an adventure.

  2. One recent international flight was a horror with luggage. So I’ve amended my packing stragedy. Of course in photos it looks as though I’ve worn the same thing for a week straight, in the long run it’s all good.

    At least I didn’t have to pay for additional or over-weight checked bags!

    Good luck!

  3. what kind of horror calls for baked goods? in my case, the creation of baked goods is a horror… rarely ends well (other than biscotti)…

    hope your border crossing is uneventful (unlike that bit of flash fiction you posted awhile back).

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