A Dirty Dancing Angel

Fear must be gripping Hollywood as the rich and famous wait on the Angel of Death’s next two celebrity recruits now that he has Patrick Swayze in hand. Unless two famous people have already died that I am unaware of, the rule of three* is once again in play.

I saw the news flash about Swayze on Monday on one of the news sites but passed over it without a second thought. It wasn’t a surprise given the tabloid photos of his gaunt haunted face which have adorned the checkouts at the grocery for months now. He had pancreatic cancer. You don’t beat that. You simply hold it at bay for a while.

On Tuesday at yoga, Swayze was the topic of conversation among the women before class began.

“It’s so sad,” one remarked, “because he was only 57.”

Fifty-seven is actually not all that young, and over the course of those years, he was an Olympic contending gymnast and a dancer who rehearsed with the likes of Barishnakov. He married his high school sweetheart and despite the difficulties his alcoholism caused, they were married for 30 years during which time he  built a solid acting career. It’s not as if he couldn’t look back and see a life lived. It’s not like everyone has that rearview moment at the end.

There was much discussion of the movies that touched them at different points and in different ways.

Dirty Dancing came up – of course. I have yet to see that movie all the way through. What I have caught, here and there, hasn’t compelled me to carve out the time to do so. The acting is pretty bad. And one person mentioned having pulled out her dvd of North and South for a marathon after she heard the news.

Ghost never came up. Which surprised me. But then again, it was an awful movie. A friend of mine dragged me to it when it was first out. We sat in a shoulder to shoulder cineplex where I could hear people all around me sucking air and/or panting as Swayze and Moore did that … thing … with the clay. Had those around me not been audibly aroused by this, I would have laughed because it is probably one of the cheesiest foreplay scenes ever filmed. But the “romance” of Ghost escaped me as much then as it does now.

“What is so romantic about a dead husband?” I asked Rob who shrugged as he chuckled a bit.

I remember Swayze most from Red Dawn and The Outsiders and Roadhouse. The first because I have always been a sucker for a good “end of life as we know it” flick. The second because it’s a fairly faithful adaptation of a wonderful book. The last because it is cheesey in it’s goodness. What’s not to love about a Zen bouncer who just wants to do his job? And have sex standing up.

R.I.P Patrick.

“That was the most sensual love scene I have ever witnessed,” my friend gushed afterward. She was a drama teacher with a flair for it herself, so perhaps that’s why she didn’t recognize pottery porn when she saw it. The things that rendered some of my gender wet to the knees escapes me sometimes.

*And the second is Mary, of Peter, Paul and Mary. Three? Anyone? Anyone?

8 thoughts on “A Dirty Dancing Angel

  1. Ah, but no mention of Point Break where he played a bank robbing surfer. Its a classic. He’s paired with Keanu Reeves (a former friend of my late husband’s oddly enough) and together they are just so wonderfully bad. How can you not love his suicide-by-tsunami surf stunt? I hate to say it, but I love all his wonderfully bad movies. Gobble them the way I gobble People Magazine in the dentist office. And now my secret is out…

    P.S. will be missed.

    1. omg, how did I forget Point Break. A classic to be sure. That was such a “man love” film.

      Arron knew Keanu? The world is small indeed, and hey, that puts you a degree away and me two degrees away Kevin Bacon style. Oh, and that means you are two degrees from the late Patrick Swayze.

  2. Interesting! Your three Swayze memorable movies are mine too, and the reasons are similar except for Road House; I saw that one on the recommendation of a martial arts-loving friend who said to watch it for correct choreography and maneuvers since I was a white belt at the time. Which is why I remember the movie and all its cheesy glory.

    RIP Patrick, indeed. And Mary too.

  3. I was really upset at Mary’s death. Talk about changing the world, I’m only 33 years old and have been listening to her music for at least 30 of those years. When I was little, I used to swear that I’d grow up to be writing profound things, getting people to listen.

    Here I am today, and all I can come up with is wondering if Jesus roofied me.

  4. i’ve never seen either Ghost or Dirty Dancing. Would have laughed my way through the former and been annoyed by the second for a variety of reasons. i personally think his most brilliant moment was the “Chippendales Guy” skit with Chris Farley… oh, that hair…

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