First Day of School Again

And so I head into my third school year as just a parent. Dee is her usual excited under the layers of stress and worries she self-applies in advance of every new situation which invariably ends up fine.

After drop-off this morning I am running into The Park to unload a couple of boxes of left-over garage sale stuff – but more on the sale later – and then to the mall for shoes.

Yeah, I know, I hate shoes. I really don’t see the point of owning them beyond what I need to deal with winter and for walking. But I have a wedding coming up and I am tired of “dress” shoes that sit in a box after a single wearing. I’m going to do something radical and actually buy a pair of well made, comfy shoes I can fake my way through numerous events wearing with no one the wiser about the comfy part.

I have some things I want to write through the next little while, so bear with me, and I have tales to tell. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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