For Interested Writers/Readers

Been stumbling across all sorts of publishing and blog opportunities the last week or so and thought I would share a few.

Hint Fiction Contest

What is hint fiction? Well Konrath put it this way:

It’s a story of 25 words or less that suggests a larger, more complex story. The thesis of the anthology is to prove that a story 25 words or less can have as much impact as a story 2,500 words or longer. The anthology will include between 100 and 150 stories. We want your best work.

It’s possible to write a complete story in 25 words or less — a beginning, middle, end — but that’s not Hint Fiction.

The very best Hint Fiction stories can be read many different ways.

More strenuous than flash but brevity should be a writer’s aim.

Creative NonFiction is looking for end of life stories and they are currently seeking narrative blog posts from 2009 for an upcoming issue. I am not sure about the former but the deadline is end of the year, so I have time, but I think I will go back and see what the year looks like in terms of my own posting. Any posts come readily to your mind that might make a good entry? Suggest away.

Maria at Editor Unleashed is looking for your favorite writing blogs. She is doing a top 25 list.

Elements of Horror is looking for some flash fiction. and Horror Unbound is currently in a submission period too.

One of my goals for the new school year – ‘cuz I am a former teacher and I think in terms of school year as opposed to calendar year as normal people do – is to submit once a week somewhere as I work on the memoir and novel. And I know what you are thinking. What about us? Your gentle readers who have expectations. You worry too much is my reply.

I am going to try to pass more of this kind of thing along. Not because I think I have all that many active writers among the readership but I read your blogs (those of you who have them) and think that some of you should think more about sharing your writing more widely.

Oh, have you read the awesomely written post my amazing husband wrote for me?

12 thoughts on “For Interested Writers/Readers

  1. For me it’s interesting to see what kinds of opportunities are available for writers. The world of publishing is changing and writers are finding new outlets and ways to adapt.

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