The Bed Overhead #fridayflash

They moved in a week before Peggy’s husband was due home from the camps up North. She awoke that night to banging floorboards directly over her.

For the rest of the week Peggy listened as her new neighbors beat the ceiling directly above her bedroom, beseeching all manner of Creators until the early morning sunlight silenced them. She excavated drawers until she found an old set of Phil’s earplugs and waited for him to return.

Peggy didn’t wear panties underneath her nightie the night Phil came home. When the pounding began, she simply rolled in close, waiting on his response.

Phil rolled over and sighed, “I can’t sleep through that. I’ll be on the sofa.” 

The next day, Peggy phoned the landlord.

12 thoughts on “The Bed Overhead #fridayflash

  1. I’m with Laura… always live on the top floor.

    Even if it’s the third and you have to make multiple trips to your car (parked blocks away) with a kid on your hip to carry the groceries up… I am still bitter

    Short and sweet; I am jealous 😉

  2. That put a smile on my face. Poor old Phil will be kicking himself when he realises what he missed out on. 🙂

  3. Where’s her husband’s sense of competition? He should “man up” – so to speak. Peggy wasn’t expecting he’d be trying to go to sleep!

    Nice one.

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