Just Updating a Bit

Since tomorrow is #fridayflash, I thought perhaps I should just bring all my dear and gentle readers up to date on the goings on in my life. It fascinates me that it interests you to be honest.

Rob is better, but there is concern that his condition will morph into something chronic that will lead to surgery down the line. There are steps that can be taken to lessen the risk, but it is not something over which he has total control which his Virgo nature is not at all down with.

Edie, number one daughter, is now dealing with a douchebag roommate too. He was at one time a favored candidate for romantic possibilities, but now he is merely a cat-napper who appears to be trying to stick her with the last month’s rent on the house they have been sharing this past year. He moved out several months ago to live with a young lady who, I believe, was married a whooping couple of months when she threw her husband over to chase down and bag Edie’s roommate – who is not quite the prize one would suspect him of being if he caused a married woman to such lustful idiocy.

The cat in question is one of the many descendants of our former cat, Bouncy. You might remember the story. She adopted us and moved her litter behind a stack of lumber by our garage. Bouncy proved too crazy for us to keep and we found a good home for her in the city. The woman who took her remarked that Bouncy reminded her of her own late mother. I think it was the eyes. Anyway, the kittens have gone on to have kittens who have always had kittens. Scuzzy Roommate absconded with one of the grandkittens much to Edie’s horror. She is now in negotiations to get it back.

I don’t like to remember the men I involved myself with when I was Edie’s age, but watching her and Mick remind me of the less than stellar choices. I wonder if that is par for the experiences of women who do not meet and marry in the late teens or early twenties. Perhaps.

On the writing front, Sundogged is proceeding at a slower clip but I like the direction. I also have a new idea for beginning the memoir and a published friend of mine has offered an introduction to her agent when I have something to present – which I am planning to have by summer’s end. I need only a proposal and the first three chapters based on my research and I have way more than that.

I am not going to Williamette. The plan was to drive and with Rob’s recent ailment a long road trip is not wise. Disappointing but there is a conference in Surrey in October I am considering now instead. But I haven’t checked the dates, it may conflict with yoga teacher training.

Yes, I am inches away from committing myself to a nine month course in the instruction of hatha. At the end I would be able to teach and there are more possibilities for that around here than one would think. Trollope advised writers to have a day job, but the thought of teaching teens unappeals on so many levels at this point in my life. My wise former English supervisor, Jerry Wadden, always recommended taking breaks from the classroom and changing grade levels frequently. I followed the latter advice but was never able to do the former. I like the idea of yoga. My yogina is on holiday but one of my other favorite instructors, Ani, filled in for her yesterday. I would so like to be able to do what she does.

Blogher begins tonight in Chicago. I am strangely torn about not being there despite knowing that in the pantheon of weblogs, I matter not at all.

So, between Dee’s swim lessons, sleep-overs and her birthday, the next days are full. Especially when one adds the continuing reno and purging, a trip to the city to unload things we don’t want on Mick in her new apartment (where she should be enjoying the solitude but is dealing with a barely wanted guest) and of course, writing – there is always the writing.

Tomorrow’s flash is fantasy based. I hope you will stop by to read and comment. Next week might be more Eubie Blake. I finally got a hold of a library copy of Pride, Prejudice and Zombies which might inspire me.

4 thoughts on “Just Updating a Bit

  1. Teaching yoga…that fits. I’m not good at yoga, but if I was I can imagine that teaching it would be satisfying. There is something gratifying about purging unwanted stuff.

    1. Ya think? ‘Cuz I don’t see myself as a zennish, flowery child person generally, but it calls to me and no one thought I’d be a good teacher either and I completely rocked at that.

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