White Trash Neighbors

Since setting the Mounties upon Guitar Hero and his wife, the white trash renters to our north have not been an issue. For the most part we so seldom saw them that Rob didn’t realize she worked at his plant and their recent newborn addition was a surprise to us.

But with the new spawn came unexpected emergence from their four-walls and a roof cocoon and they took to sitting on the front porch with their toddler for smoke breaks. The owners of the house are militant about smoking indoors and apparently Mama Hero, having done her duty with two children under the age of two, is now able to indulge in what appears to be quite the addiction.

I think smoking is the ultimate dummy tax from a financial perspective as well as a health stance, but the thing about smoking that really bugs me is that I don’t want to and yet I do by virtue of living around smokers who don’t want smoke in their own homes but think nothing of blowing it into mine.

Our front windows are open all the time during the summer to aid the circulation and keep the house cool. Like most people here, we don’t have central air. It really is an unnecessary expense. The neighbors’ second hand smoke snakes in and fills the lower level of the house and so windows must be closed. Not a big deal? Well, some people are more philosophical about this than I am, but it’s not just a smelly annoyance for me. It aggravates allergies and kicks up my asthma and both have long ranging consequences in terms of reduced ability to exercise and increased need of medication.

I have done nothing but endure smoking neighbors. Creepy Neighbor smoked and I was forced to keep windows closed pretty much all the time in the warm weather. He was a chain smoker. I seldom saw him without a cigarette in hand. The house before that I had to contend with Will smoking. Yeah, irony, but my afflictions worsened considerably with the stress of caring for him and the single working mom gig. Will, to his credit, quit. He promised me he would and he did. His illness however was already in play and he had lapses that he blamed on the hypnotist he saw,

“I think that guy did something to my brain,” he would say.

The apartments I lived in always had at least one smoker who had to sit upwind when puffing but ironically, I had less trouble with smokers when I was in university than I had at any point in my life despite the fact that this was pre-anti smoking era, smokers were a lot more considerate and it seemed, to me, that fewer people smoked.

The Hero family moved this past weekend. Loaded up Clampett style and are gone. The last time the house vacated it was empty most of the summer. Let’s hope for a similarly ghost-like situation. Rentals out here seem to be sitting empty longer now that housing prices have fallen a tad and the upgrader projects are stalled. We’ll breathe easier for a while.

9 thoughts on “White Trash Neighbors

  1. I just posted a simalure blog, then i found yours by seeing if anyone else had the same issues with there neighbors. I have a whole blog based just on my neighbors, pictures and everything. lol Feel free to take a look and leave some comments. Im glad your neighbors are gone…mine are still here =(

  2. I found this page by typing “white trash living around me” into google.
    I typed it in just to see if anyone else was writing about the filth that live near to them… Personally, I have a couple of houses near me that are rented out by a local housing association and the scumbag tenants are the worst people you could ever have living anywhere near you. They sit outside with their snotty nosed brats, smoking and drinking… And often shouting and arguing at the top of their voices. They snear at anyone who walks past them… And they just watch as their kids (they breed like rodents!) run around in the street – Looking like complete tramps.

    These sort of people are the absolute lowest of the low. they don’t work and think they own the whole road… when the reality is they don’t “own” anything!… even the gold around their necks is being paid off a bit at a time from the local cash converters.

    Filth, absolute filth… No wonder the UK isn’t what it used to be.

  3. I have a deep dislike of the self righteous. I am allergic to smoke yet I know that a small pleasure in the day is good. Has no one heard of a clothes washer? I hate self righteous crap and Seattle it is mist most of the year so no one is to enjoy themselves unless it is by the grace of some bully. No I fear not death but the icebox of invention an discoveries that were not to see the light of day because of ideology.

    1. Huh? Kinda lost me after the clothes washer. I am supposed to just wash my clothes (and apparently the walls, the furniture, etc) when it filters into my house just because I opened windows? This isn’t the states. We don’t have a/c to compensate for lack of a breeze.

      And how do I wash my lungs anyway?

  4. I must have smelled like cigarette smoke my entire childhood because my dad smoked in the house, in the car, everywhere. I never thought about it….Fast forward to 1994, the fall I started teaching. I was seeing a massage therapist because of my stiff neck. During the first visit she asked me if I smoked or lived with someone who did. I said no, which was true. She asked me if a co-worker smoked. I said yes, the person who shared my classroom, but she didn’t smoke around me. The therapist explained that I had taken on what was basically “third hand” smoke. Gross.

  5. I hate smoking, too. Fortunately, Seattle is very smoking unfriendly. There is only indoor smoking allowed in private homes, and outdoor smoking has to be 25 feet from doors and windows of businesses. I was glad when the law passed. Before the law the smoker would sit in the bus stop shelters and smoke, and those of us who needed to get out of the rain and sit down were left out in the rain. Now it’s illegal to smoke in the shelters, too. Let them drown outside. Much better.

  6. Oh, I feel you.
    I can’t stand the stink of smoke. It gets in hair, clothes. When my ex is here he smokes outside (didn’t smoke when we were together), but you smell it anyway, anywhere he is. It gives me migraines and it’s gross.
    Here’s hoping you have better luck with the new neighbors, if and when they arrive…

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