A Weekend Update

The Weekend began with the last day of school for Dee. I love the Canadian school calendar. They begin after Labor Day and finish on the last Friday of June. I love having June to myself.

And it was also Rob and my 2nd wedding anniversary. A classmate of Dee’s invited her over for an end of the year/beginning of summer sleep-over and pool party the next day. How often does an almost 24hr childless stint coincide with one’s anniversary?

We moved the sitter from Friday to Saturday night and grilled instead of heading into the city. Yummy fresh food without the worry of tummy trouble, followed by wine and the first two chapters of a cheesy mini-series from the mid-70’s and plenty of snuggly good times.

Saturday was sleeping in, toast and tea at the table and conversation that was not interrupted with multiple requests for assistance.

We picked up Dee in the mid-afternoon and sailed off for the city to help Mick with her moving (the Overlord sat like a freakish Krishna on the trampoline in the front yard the whole while we were there, pretending not to eavesdrop by wearing his earbuds – apparently has taken to communicating with Mick by text, even if they are in the same room). Afterward we hit the Customer Appreciation Sale at Sears (they are appreciating anyone who is still spending their money) and picked up drapes to go with the blinds in our bedroom. Near darkness is on the horizon this week.

Picked up the sitter on the way home and some nutrition-less no-no’s at McD’s for Dee before depositing them at home, and we were off to the city again. Dinner at the High Level Diner. A favorite place.  And movie at the Garneau down the block with a walk around the university campus in the interim.

The Garneau is an old theatre with cushy seats that rock back into the knees of those behind you. The movie was a Brit import. Colin Firth. Always wonderful despite the now comical injection of widowhood into the plot line. We don’t even try to avoid it by reading reviews or summaries anymore. It does no good. We are cursed like that.

And that’s about it aside from my managing to annoy people with my lack of respect for the dead.

How was your weekend?

6 thoughts on “A Weekend Update

  1. I am so loving the end of the school year, and my extended weekend which has come about as a result of that, the Canada Day holiday, the boss being away and having no childcare ’til the end of the week. I am truly unwinding and enjoying my home and family- it’s a very good feeling. Thanks for asking! 😉

  2. I left Rob a quick congrats on your anniversary and I’d like to drop another one here. I don’t even know you guys in any real sense but am happy to hear that you are together and happy.

    The Firth movie is from a Noel Coward story? Is that correct? I love the Brits.

    Weekend post is up.

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