Asking MEme

A while a back I suggested to a blogger friend that she steal posting ideas when she felt wrung dry by the blogging process. She promptly posted a clever idea that involved asking her readers to submit questions for an interview of her. She put nothing off limits.

Intrigued, I am going to dip a toe into that water myself. I hope it is not too glacial.

I can’t believe there are many unturned stones in my life as I tend toward too much self-revelation, but if I can satisfy the curious mind, I will try.

Leave your questions in the comments. I will gather them up and reply á la interview style later in the week.

11 thoughts on “Asking MEme

  1. What book have you owned the longest? Not exactly what’s the oldest book on your shelf, because that could be a hand-me-down or a collector’s item… but which book among the ones you currently own was the first one you bought/received?

  2. Where would you be in your life if Will was still alive and healthy? What would your life look like if you and Rob had been together from the outset? How did you and Will get together?

  3. What is the strangest, or most unexpected, thing you’ve ever done in public? That thing where your friends, or you, have to say “I can’t believe you (I) just did that!”

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