A Letter to the Editor

I’ve been published locally!! Well a letter to the editor in the Edmonton Journal anyway. I sent it in last Thursday and made the Friday edition.

Bill 44 is a religious right attempt to silence educators by threatening them with possible prosecution under the human rights act. Basically, schools here are free to teach religion, sexual education and about sexual orientation within the curriculum. I have not found it be something that is done outside of legitimate context. Having taught, I know that teachers are very aware of the volatile nature of such topics and they don’t simply work them into lessons for no reason.

The bill was rammed through a late night session of the legislature and the coercive nature of the vote was startlingly reminiscent of the “peer pressure” tactics I am familiar with from back in the States.

Anyway, take a quick peek at the link and let me know your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor

  1. Once again you are articulately taking on a sticky subject–good for you!! Where I do agree with you, I do perhaps take a bit of exception to your generalized perception of American conservatives. I just tend to believe the ultra-loud-mouths make better copy, thus get more exposure and don’t necessarily represent true conservative views.

  2. teaching human sexuality and reproductive health care must be done consistently and dispassionately. the Canadian legislature just set back rational thought by several decades…

    great letter! hope it makes a difference…

    1. It was the Alberta (provincial) legislature. And, it’s not surprising. Alberta is the Canadian province that is most like a US state.

    2. …consistently and dispassionately…

      Absolutely the key. Back in the early days of HIV/AIDS education in schools, I was the teacher who would stand calmly and field questions. I couldn’t be rattled and I stayed fact-based always. Anything else is not my place and not helpful.

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