doing that friday thing again

There is really not a lot going on. It’s Friday. I have a short story nearly ready to send out in order to catch the tail end of On Spec‘s current reading period before getting back to the novel.

Why the break for a short story? Well, first of all, the idea for this one finally fell together after months of banging around in my brain and two, I met with one of the On Spec editors at the conference a few weeks ago, and she asked if I had anything to send in based on the query letter I showed her for the novel. It’s nothing but net if I could get a short accepted before I head to Willamette to pitch the novel, and nothing is lost if I don’t.

I did finally get signed up for the August writers’ conference in Oregon. I have a pitching session with an agent even though I am treating it as a learning experience and if something comes of it  – bonus. Rob has booked off quite a bit of time around the conference, so we are going to camp and vacation on either side.

And no, he hasn’t heard on the job offer. He was supposed to meet with his immediate supervisor on Wednesday, but the boss called in sick and has been out the remainder of the week. 

Moving has been on my mind. I convinced Rob to finish the reno upstairs, painting the bedrooms, building a walk-in closet in our room and laying new hardwood floor. All things that were on the agenda, but the continued cool weather and the possibility we could be moving by summer’s end and thus having to sell, mean that this stuff needs to get done now. The outdoor projects need a bit warmer weather.

So the upstairs is all but empty. I had forgotten how much I love space. In my old house, I had almost no furniture. Drove visitors a bit batty, but I loved it. Near empty rooms with nothing on the walls is peaceful with possibility.

I got a letter from Will’s mom. The things we put on his grave last summer are gone. Don’t really know what to do with the information, and was a bit upset by her contacting me about it. I even wrote a long blog piece that I decided not to publish after talking with Rob about it. He pointed out that there is nothing that can be done about ties to the past and their intrusion into now on occasion, so there is no reason to work oneself up about it. It happens and you deal.

I will send her a “thanks” with some pictures of the child and leave it at that.

Ashtanga yoga is kicking the crap out of my old, neglected muscle groups. I also found a new Hatha instructor who is into strength building along with flexibility. End result is that I am very sore but better than yesterday.

What else? I am reading like a fiend. And that is about it. 

Sorry about neglecting the replies to comments. I am still not reconnected with the blogosphere so much and I am planning a summer hiatus, but I will let you know when that begins.

P.S. The pen name is settled. The site is constructed. I will launch at the end of summer.

6 thoughts on “doing that friday thing again

  1. If the On Spec editor doesn’t bite, will you submit it anywhere else? Or post it here?

    Here’s something sad that just crossed my mind: I haven’t picked up a book since December. I was caught in the job-hunt maelstrom and it got away from me. I think this is the longest period of time I’ve gone without a book since I was about 20. And that was a really, really long time ago.

    1. It will make the rounds before I think about posting it here, but I might post a flash fic with the character because, so far, this character and the ideas generated on zombies equal three different stories.

      Remember the comment you made about hoping to be a character in my fiction someday? Congratulations.

    1. I am sure will “talk” before my hiatus. I am shooting for mid to late summer. A lot depends on the job offer Rob got. If it is a go, they will want him in England fairly quickly. I also have the Willamette conference in early August that I need to prepare for so a time-out seems in order.

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