Muses, Inspiration and Actually Writing

“Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.” -Madeline L’Engle (author of A Wrinkle in Time).


I created this mock cover from a photo I took of our backyard but I didn’t use my pen name. I am not ready to unveil it. The title is working only, but the inspiration comes from the area I live in and from Rob’s work.

I never wonder if I was meant to be exactly where I am or if I could have written as I am had my life not taken the many different turns that is has over the last decade. I don’t wonder because I know that I would not be writing if they had not. Oh, maybe little things. Possibly professional papers even. But the fiction would never have developed to the point where it is and sometimes it is so good that it even impresses me.

I am about 130 or so posts from 1000 I realized the other day. A 1000 posts is a lot of blogging. I am toying with the idea of hanging it up when I hit it and coming back in another form. What would depend on where I am at professionally and personally, but I feel a change coming. 

In the meantime, where I am, what I read and some of you, gentle readers, continue to inspire me.

10 thoughts on “Muses, Inspiration and Actually Writing

  1. If you do reincarnate, I hope you will let us all see the new butterfly…

    Beautiful cover. I think with that kind of vision, the book is already realized.

  2. I love doing this stuff — I’ve made a bunch of mock covers for my stuff. I have a grand time with Photoshop.

    Now, if the writing were only as good.

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