Cleansing Monday Meme

I am taking part in a yoga cleanse all week. Wanna join me? If not, share your spring cleaning rituals.

4 thoughts on “Cleansing Monday Meme

  1. My boys think “spring cleaning” is the time of year you decide to take a bath–is that what you mean??? LOL actually we are willing participants in the “neighborhood garage sale” in two weeks. I have decided to be ruthless in my purging–too much *&#@—
    out it goes!!!

  2. the nice thing about being in a condo? i did all my outdoor spring cleaning in one day. garage cleanout, porch washing, plant placing. still need to top off jeep fluids… the personal stuff? quit smoking (although a pack a week for 3 weeks doesn’t seem like much, it’s too much), am eating nearly all fruits/veggies and back to a regular work out schedule. may try the yoga maneuvers… although it might put me in traction!

  3. Mine include but are not limited to:

    – A Bran muffin
    – Pre-dawn surfing OR run before work
    – Increase the maid service from bi-weekly to weekly
    – Hit the drive thru car wash
    – Delete all old E-mails
    – Donate recently read books to the used book store
    – Sweep out the garage (my son, not me)

    Be well and have a good week. Cheers

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