New Law to Let Obama Control the Internet

This is potentially scary. In a nutshell, a couple of nuts in Congress have drafted a bill that allows the President power to shut down all civilian traffic on the web during times of “national emergencies. Given that Obama’s new Homeland Security guru, Janet Napalitano, thinks that the Canadian and Mexican borders should be similarly boarded up (because of the hordes of Canadians running south with drugs, guns and the intent to work low paying jobs without health care benefits), I am thinking the new POTUS might not be all that averse to this additional power being literally handed to him. But maybe he is a better man than GW was.

9 thoughts on “New Law to Let Obama Control the Internet

  1. The reason that they want to be able to shut down the internet is because of communication. The emergency that worries them is a revolt of the American people. The best way to stop a revolution is to stop communication so “the people” cannot organize.

  2. What is the law number?
    Why not put this on twitter or facebook or whatever so everyone knows about it?
    Why would they do this? To stop you and me from putting our free speech on the net when they take over the country!
    Don’t believe it? They are giving money to the newspapers, BUT, if you take it they tell you what you can & can’t print!
    Remember what the Nazis did in WWII when they took over? Take the papers and radio, then you can say whatever you want & how you want & no one can talk back!
    Think it’s impossible to close the internet? Not really! Just pull a few plugs and ta-da, it’s off. Hell they are now watching every thing you do anyway so guess what step is next? Stop the fee speech!

    1. You can probably find out more specifics if you google the names of the representatives who are working on it. And I found this on Twitter, so it’s not a secret.

  3. Curious. I am relieved to see that people involved with security have their ear to the ground on this. I wonder why Senator Snowe is involved in this legislation.

    1. GW opened the door to over-reach of powers by the executive office and that door is still open. Legislation like this and the Obama White House’s recent subversion of congressional bailout rules leaves me wondering if the Great Obama will be able to resist the temptation. The Oval Office molds its occupants, not the other way around.

  4. I don’t get the rationale for controlling Internet traffic during national emergencies. Wouldn’t you want to keep all communications open on the Web to allow people to exchange info?

    1. Exactly. The only reason you would disallow a communication line is if you thought the information people would be exchanging was actual truth instead of government spin.

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