Last Leg of the Journey

We left Penticton mid-morning on Wednesday. It was a short night’s sleep because Rob sat up trying to sort through his mom’s finances which inevitably led to discussions of wills and end of life directives. All the cheery stuff that so many people simply avoid until push comes to shove.


View from Rob's mother's condo

View from Rob's mother's condo

We encountered a bit of snow on the high mountain road but it wasn’t worrisome. Even with stops (Merritt for lunch which has been added to the list of possible places to relocate), Kamloops and a quick stop in a very small town near Mt. Robson, we still made it to the hotel in time for BabyD’s bedtime of 7:30.


Mt. Robson

Mt. Robson



It was, however, a mountain hotel, and if you have been paying attention you know what that means. Rude, drunk twenty-somethings. Same chorus just a different verse but the upside is that when I called the manager to complain at 5:30 in the morning, she’d had enough and evicted them. Score one for the home team!

Breakfast early at our favorite cafe in Jasper, The Soft Rock. If you are ever there, it is a must but speaking French will ensure your order is correct the first time (don’t worry though, they will simply make you another for free if they screw up).


The Soft Rock Cafe

The Soft Rock Cafe



Main drag in Jasper, AB

Main drag in Jasper, AB

12 thoughts on “Last Leg of the Journey

    1. You are unlikely to find anything because the hotels are not 5 star or even 3 star and I can’t imagine a convention anywhere in the high mountains though we saw when at the hotel/casino in Penticton.

      1. Actually, there’s always Banff. There’s even film festivals there. And, oh, every now and then a bunch of celebrities come to Banff and stink up the place!

  1. Canadian towns have the best names. I’m going to add the Soft Rock Cafe to my list of places to visit – I keep a folder because you never know….

  2. Yeah for eviction of inconsiderate hotel guests! What is wrong with people that they won’t allow others to have their vacations too? ARGH.

    Safe travels home!

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