I think I am sorta enjoying myself even though I still feel like I am flying on a couch on the Lido deck of the Axiom. I really have no idea what I am doing. Micro-blogging? Annoying people?

It’s different than Facebook. On Facebook I can see others interacting and feel actively left out whereas on Twitter, I only read those I follow when they decide to tweet and not the replies of others to them. Of course this enhances the girl in the bubble thing but lessens the red-headed stepchild feeling.

I am learning the protocol which is in a state of mushrooming evolution from all appearances. It’s like being an anthropologist among a newly discovered tribe in a previously hidden culture. Fascinating, as Spock would say.

I know now that there are people who collect other tweeters like my daughter collects rocks. In fact she discovered her first rock of the season and washed it off for display just yesterday. We will soon have a pile in a corner by the door and that is how some people approach “following” on Twitter. People are collected and “followed” although it just can not be possible to “follow” hundreds or thousands of tweeters. 

Some Tweeties don’t pretend they are there for anything other than pimping themselves. For example @KellyRipa of Regis and Kelly has nearly 80,000 followers and she follows absolutely no one. Someone needs to explain the “social” part of social media to her.

There are other celebs too. I mentioned Demi and AnaMarie the other day, but John Mayer had this to announce to Tweetland recently,


Now there is something you can’t scrub from the mind’s eye easily.

But there are a lot of writers and editors who are interesting and fun to follow, and for the most part, everyone I follow who follows me back will interact with me, and have been helpful and polite. For example, Guy Kawasaki, the AllTop guy, sent me a direct tweet with instructions for setting up my page there and followed it up with his cell number in case I needed to talk to him. Very, very cool.

I don’t know in the end if it will be much of a networking tool. It’s like Facebook in that it is mostly about accessing people you’d have never known otherwise due to geography or the social strata that makes up our world.

I am thinking I might try to do a little flash fiction though. What do you think? Anyone game?

More on the Twitter Experiment as it progresses.

13 thoughts on “Tweeting

  1. I thought of you today when Kelly Ripa said on her show that she is not on Twitter. She is honest about not being computer literate, and she is a very busy woman, so I found it curious that her name was on Twitter. Is it possible that people think they are following celebrities when that isn’t the case?

  2. I love twitter and am horribly addicted to it, but I do feel like I’m yammering sometimes which is a problem I’m actively trying to correct. I’m with you on the Demi Moore thing, but I do enjoy following her husband, Ashton Kutcher, because even though I personally am not a huge fan, I’m learning a ton from him. (…and I would have previously bet you a thousand bucks you would have never heard me say that one.) He actually does reply to people even if he doesn’t follow them and I’m enjoying watching him try out new things like Qik and a few other platforms. Go figure.

    As far as John Mayer goes? I looked at his tweets Friday night and I think I’m blind now.

    1. I am liking the tweetscape more and more. I didn’t think about AK as a decent follow until you brought it up. The man is quite the brilliant marketer and producer.

  3. I like Twitter as background noise. I run it as TwitKit on Firefox. It runs in the sidebar, and I look over at it occasionally to see who’s on and what they are talking about. The rest of the time, I ignore it. My phone is set up to get DM’s from special people and that is all. I had some people I was getting text messages from for a few days, but found it annoying.

  4. I’ve read your posts, and those of other people, about Twitter, but it is not even on my radar. I’ve actually started attending more meetings in my town so I can meet people face to face. I had tea with two friends yesterday afternoon, and we talked for close to 4 hours at a dining room table over tea and cookies. Yeah, I think I’m headed in the opposite direction….

  5. I like Twitter better than Facebook. I find I get more news and links to interesting sites or posts there than anywhere else. It also gives me a place to talk about things I’m interested in with other people. If I write something about for ex. a television show that I am watching, someone is always bound to respond. My favorite time for twitter is during events, like the election, academy awards,etc. Especially since my kids don’t live home anymore and my husband doesn’t share many of these interests, its fun to live twitter events with others.

  6. I like Twitter. It’s like a very limited chat session with the folks I really care about. And I don’t accept follow requests from anyone I don’t recognize. Which is why I follow and am followed by so few.

    Again, maybe it’s me who doesn’t “get” social networking, but I couldn’t be any less interested in knowing when someone’s penis falls asleep. I’m as disinterested in sharing that sort of information about me with others, too.

    But it’s fun when you find the right people. If it’s supposed to grow my network of strangers-cum-“friends”, well … I missed it somehow, and probably always will.

  7. to me, the ‘facebook’ phenom is almost like being at your own funeral – people from every aspect of your life (that you allow in) are out there poking at you, interacting with each other… it’s fascinating. have already reconnected with friends i’ve known since grade school (outing a couple weeks ago) and we’re planning a ‘cousins weekend’ for july among my only set of cousins…

    afraid that twitter would take the last remaining hours of my day away from me. but it seems fascinating. will follow your experiments with interest…

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