This is the Kind of History I loved to Teach

Skimming through the Canadian Vignettes, I came across a couple of historical films. They remind me of the filmstrips Mr. Myer, my seventh grade social studies teacher, would occasionally show. He was not a great teacher, but he told interesting stories and went off on tangents that probably should have gotten him fired. Like the time he told us about “Nam” and needing to drop his drawers for a shot of penicillin because he picked up VD from a street girl. Or there was the time he waxed philosophically on the fact that he could have gone for the real money – like his old Nam buddy – and gone into real estate instead of wasting his time trying to teach the children of the unwashed*.

Anyway, I loved to sneak history into my Language Arts or English classes and the more offbeat – the better. 


*Myers was a bit of an elitist. We weren’t trailer park but our fathers were working class.

5 thoughts on “This is the Kind of History I loved to Teach

  1. Filmstrips. Ahhh. My reading teacher in 8th grade let us design our own units of study. We got to order filmstrips and stuff for ourselves and take the projector out to the church hallway and run then on the wall. Fun times.

  2. Filmstrips…I hadn’t thought of them in ages. I remember the ones DaisyFaie is talking about. Sometimes the person doing the filmstrip would get behind and everyone would start yelling at them.

  3. I always liked history class. As a language arts teacher I incorporated history with historical fiction, biographies, and autobiographies. Social studies was my first love.

  4. filmstrips? another blast from the past — loved those things, even though they were generally awful. the really cool ones had a cassete tape with the narrative, and you’d advance the film strip at the beep! Myers sounds like a good time…

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