Photo Memeing for Monday

Found this at Silverstar’s a bit ago. The original directions are as follows:


  • Post the 6th picture in your 6th folder.
  • Post that picture on your blog along with the story that goes with it.


I used the 6th folder but just went with three random photos. You are, as always, free to do as you please should you choose to participate.

This is Rob’s car. It’s sitting out back of our garage and has been for a number of years now. Before that, it was sitting in a field at Shelley’s folks place near Grande Prairie. Rob has lost the desire to fix it up and is going to try and sell it.


MK’s birthday last month is next up. We had sticky cinnamon rolls instead of cake because she isn’t a cake person.


Finally here are the girls this last Christmas. The older two came and spent the night and there was the usual Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Photo Memeing for Monday

  1. gorgeous girls! looking at all that baby d hair, though, i have not-so-fond memories of de-tangling my daughter’s wild hair around that age!

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