Updating From a Semi-Prone Position

I have flu. The kind of flu where your feet are blocks of ice and the room spins, and you can watch nearly a season’s worth of The Tudors without once thinking “I should really look THAT up on Wikipedia.”

It’s day two of  basically not being able to eat because now, in addition to the horrid stomach pain, nothing lingers long anyway. I am so dehydrated that every inch of me itches.

I have concluded that when I am feeling iffy healthwise in the future, I will not do yoga class three days in a row as I did this week, nor will I stay up late watching dreary anti-hero comic book movies. 

The movie was The Dark Knight which probably could have been a whole lot shorter. Two things stood out. The Joker’s speech to Harvey in the hospital and Havery’s grief-induced “I hurt so I can be a shit if I wanna be” spree of violence. 

Reminds me of Rick Santelli’s “spontaneous” Tea Party movement of late which actually turned out to be a carefully orchestrated plan of the Republican right wing’s increasingly strident attacks on the new administration. I don’t know about any of you, but the fact that the people “in charge” are pulling things like this in the name of preserving the disappearing status quo that constituted life in North America – worries me. Introduce a little chaos folks, and look what happens.

My faith in the wisdom of Canadians was shattered yesterday morning when the phone rang at just before 7 A.M. and it was the school bus driver informing us that the buses wouldn’t be running due to “inclement weather” which turned out to be not so much, but left us scrambling because BabyD already had Friday off due to in-service and there was no way she needed a four day weekend. 

Oh, and I nearly erased a voice message from my late father that I had saved from my birthday in 2007. That produced tears, I can tell you. One of my biggest regrets is that I do not have my late husband on tape – voice or physically, and almost losing Dad’s voice was traumatic. Fortunately, Rob was able to retrieve it and we are transferring it to a computer file.

Writing is crawling. I think the combination of coming down with flu and the unrelenting winter weather is probably the root cause. I need a vacation, but as I have mentioned, the only thing coming up is the trip to Penticton at the end of the month. BabyD and I will be staying with Rob’s mom while he runs up to Revelstoke for the wedding of Shelley’s nephew. It’s not a kid friendly affair and the young man’s mother is having belated issues with Rob and I being married – which because she is a raging alcoholic makes it imperative that I not attend. But, a weekend in a tiny retirement condo trying to entertain BabyD is not my idea of a vacation – especially when it is a 12 hour drive through the mountains, in winter, to get there. Oh, the weather stands a 50-50 chance of being warmer than it is here, but it’s winter in the Canadian Rockies, folks, so I am not counting on it. Besides, Rob’s mom lives in the downtown. There is nothing to do outside and nowhere to go really.

I just need to hang on until May and our timeshare in Fairmont. And summer.

I amused myself a bit trying to plan a summer vacation. It has to be somewhere in Wisconsin though because we don’t feel like taking a marathon drive after the marathon it will take to get to Iowa. Oh yeah, I know, I had thought Blogher, but I am cooling rapidly on blogging. I love my blog. But I hate being thought a mommy-blogger and that is what Blogher glorifies. And I don’t see it as a way to further my fiction aspirations. It would be fun to see people, but I don’t need lessons in blogging. 

Wisconsin in July though? Hotter and more humid than the lower levels of hell – if it were a real place. Hell, I mean, is a made up place. Wisconsin is real. My mom is from there.

But nothing is completely on or off the table because it’s only March and the world economy is still melting down and anything could happen and probably will, and I need to get to June first before I worry too much about summer, which doesn’t officially start until school lets out at the end of the month anyway.

And that’s it. Have a nice weekend, people.

10 thoughts on “Updating From a Semi-Prone Position

  1. Sorry you are sick. Sick sucks. I know how you feel about the voices. The videos I have of Dad and Mom were a comfort to me between his passing and the funeral. I still have to get them into a form I can get to my siblings.

  2. Feel better soon. I hate it when I have the flu.
    I wish I could transport you to Malaysia for a few days, sunny and warm out here. So sunny and warm,in fact, I went to Shanghai for a few days to cool off—well, what they say about grass is greener…

  3. Penticton’s not that far from the coast, and thus the Island- maybe we can swing something?

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, and please don’t stop blogging.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather and hope you’re feeling better soon. Meanwhile, it doesn’t cost anything to plan a vacation, and it’s a nice bit of escapism in the bargain. I have a list of movies from the 1950’s that I want to watch, another form of escapism from this seemingly endless winter.

  5. hope today finds you hydrated and feeling better!

    when i was supervising, one of my employees, R, had a son in Iraq who was shot and seriously wounded by a sniper. R’s son was in a coma – not expected to recover. He asked me if i could record from the voicemail to save the voice. One of my ninjaneers helped me do it. A few months later? R was killed in a car accident. His son later died as a result of traumatic brain injury. We were able to get recordings of both to his family… i think it helped…

    for me? i can hear my father’s voice like he’s in the room with me. things he told me. things he yelled at me. the transcripts of complete conversations still rings in my head. i think i’m lucky for that…

  6. Doesn’t hanging onto those old voice recordings make it painfully difficult to let go?

    Do not bad-mouth the wisdom of Canada. Do you know how many Canadian banks require bailout funds? NONE. ZERO. God bless Canada and their staid investment practices.

    I’m going to say something that I hope doesn’t alienate you. I’ve never thought of your blog as a mommy blog and it’s a damn good thing because, for me, (operative phrase being for me) there’s nothing more dull or vanilla or completely void of interesting writing than a mommy blog.

    1. Doesn’t hanging onto those old voice recordings make it painfully difficult to let go?

      No, not really. Because after the most intense pain of grief has faded somewhat, it is nice to be able to have those memories. I mean, we keep old photographs don’t we? Of generations of loved ones who have died. Current technology simply allows us to have more than photos – audio and video. Something for those times when you keenly miss a departed loved one and just need to sharpen the memories a bit.

    2. UB, I never listen to the voice message. I just like having it. Just in case I forget what he sounded like – because that happens. Hanging onto Dad’s voice, for me, makes up for not having anything of Will’s (my late husband). By the time I realized what was going on with him, he’d already changed so much I didn’t want to preserve any of those memories. His voice was different and the way he spoke, it was clear he was damaged and ill.

      Anyway, Rob is correct. Things change as you move away from the actual death. Time doesn’t heal though; it coats.

      Oh and I am not offended. I never thought of what I was doing as “mommyish” until I tried writing for grogs. The general perception of women who write on the Internet is that if we have families, we are mommy bloggers regardless.

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