Two New Posts @ 50 something Moms

If you have a few minutes, check out my pieces over at 50 something. First one is me-centric and the latter about reading troubles BabyD is having that are, frankly, scaring the shit out of me because they remind me of things I went through with her Dad as he slowly lost his mind to his illness. Despite the constant reassurances I get about her relative immunity to succumbing to the same illness Will had, I can’t shake the terror when similar things – completely normal for her age – crop up.  These things still render me irrational.*


*So much so that I again managed to offend someone.

4 thoughts on “Two New Posts @ 50 something Moms

  1. I’m a little late reading this, but I really enjoy your writing, and I found the said article heart-felt and honest. I think you’re exactly right to write what you feel. You can’t please everyone (would you want to?), and yes as noted above there is always medication LOL.

  2. Annie, I think with humor, which you are so good at inserting into your posts, you always run the risk of offending someone, because humor has that built-in irreverence. Nothing is off-limits to the comic, and sometimes people just don’t understand that.

  3. Someone’s probably going to be offended at anything you can say. Let it slide off your shoulders and soldier on. When you’re successfully published, you’ll get as much hate mail as fan mail. Consider this practice for that. 🙂

    I know that is true. The offense was an offhand remark, politically incorrect enough that Rob pointed it out to me while he was editing, but sometimes I just feel what I feel regardless and don’t want to pull back. There is this perception that I should somehow be saintly and without strong reaction or that because occasionally I write something insightful or wise that I don’t have any personal foibles or sore spots.

    I know that as more people read me, I will be picked apart on a regular basis and I sometimes wonder if I am strong enough for that. You can’t be raised by nuns and not have chinks in the armor because it was their job to put them there.

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