An Odd Way to Mark an Anniversary

It’s been almost three years since Will died, and I really hadn’t planned to write about it or mark the day at all. It’s just a day. Not the day. But interestingly the Pittsburgh Steelers went and nailed down a Superbowl berth by defeating the Ravens in the AFC championship game this last Sunday. Three years ago they did the same thing. Won the AFC the night before Will died. I had insisted that the game be on in his room despite the fact that he couldn’t have known it was on. His friends were surprised to see I had remembered. They always did underestimate me. Of course, I was surprised they would miss an AFC championship game to come pay Will a final visit, so perhaps we are even.

Just to clarify, today is not the anniversary and I won’t be mentioning it again. I was just struck by the coincidence in a completely non-morbid and uncreepy way. Being a believer in signs, I wonder if this one has meaning for me, but honestly can’t think of what it might be. Not that signs have to be laden with meaning. Sometimes an AFC championship win by your late husband’s favorite team is simply an AFC championship win, right?

10 thoughts on “An Odd Way to Mark an Anniversary

  1. It’s reminding me of a story about Freud and symbolism. I don’t remember the details, but the line was something like “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

    It could go either way, couldn’t it … a gentle reminder, or a peaceful closing of a circle.

  2. but don’t you just have the teensiest wonderment that it is a sign from Will? i am a logical, scientific kind of guy who is psychically deaf, but still harbor this shred of belief…

    I don’t know. Knowing Will as I did, if he could manipulate football games from the beyond, the Steelers would never lose a game because of a bad call or a bone-headed strategy decision. I just find it interesting because, truthfully, I have been so busy the significance of the month and the approaching date has slipped my mind several times. Perhaps I am supposed to give the day more due? Or maybe it is closure in a full circle kind of way. I just don’t know.

  3. It would be a much bigger “miracle” if the Cardinals beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. 🙂

    Never underestimate an “old man” Cinderella QB. Warner has one of those careers.

  4. It doesn’t hurt that the Steelers are such a well run organization. Now if the Redskins ever win anything again that will be a sign from on high, because that will take a miracle.

    Too true.

  5. When such signs present themselves, I feel a sense of comfort, a sense of the circular nature of life.

    It does have a circular feel but I haven’t figured out to what end yet.

  6. I think you should just take it as it is and make sure BabyD is wearing her jersey.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Sis.

  7. It seems to me that the longer we live, the more the dead are with us. I really like when you write about the topic, so please don’t stifle yourself.

    Thanks, I won’t.

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