The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Two years ago today I received the famous “Evil Twin” message from Rob via the widow board where we were once active members. It was in response to something I had posted in reply to a post he’d left in the general message forum.

I’ve been immersed in the timeline due to the memoir. The constant combing through old emails. blog entries and such drew my attention to the fact we were approaching a milestone, and so I mentioned to Rob that we had now officially known each other for two years.

Because Rob saved much of what he’d written there*, he was able to look up the message to find the exact date – Dec.16 at about 1 in the morning. He even had the replies – mine plus the three or four others. An interesting bit of time traveling and one which makes a person more thoughtful about the whole “digital footprint” thing.

Two years seems like such a long time and yet it’s gone by at a such a swift pace.

I was going to write once again about our meeting but decided to simply post this link to something I wrote last December on the subject of Rob and I and the circumstances that took a beautiful friendship to another level.

I know some people consider the acknowledging of all the little anniversaries to be overkill girly style, but I like to look at these dates as turning points in my life. The days where my life converged or merged or simply had a light bulb moment that changed everything.

*When I had myself deleted from the board I had in excess of 1600 posts. Curiously, they were mostly replies to other people’s posts. I shared my experiences, offered what encouragement or sympathy I could and occasionally lost my temper with the thick-headed. But I originated fewer than 25 posts myself. I didn’t realize this until Rob pointed it out to me and encouraged me to at least save those posts. I elected not to. Most of them were simply expressions of sadness or despair that were largely ignored and just made me feel sorrier for myself. That is not worth saving. Rob’s post were always reflective (when he wasn’t annoying people sticking up for his wife) and more importantly told his and Shelley’s story. I didn’t share much of mine. There wasn’t anyone there who could relate to me or what I went through.

6 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

  1. Annie–I don’t think you should ever worry about info–sensitive or not–that is out on the net. Do folks really think that because they write on a specific bulletin board that what they write is private??? If you post on the internet–be assured, it isn’t private, you don’t own it and it can be sited and used as anyone sees fit. I thought grown-ups understood these things–LOL

  2. A lifetime is a collection of little things like this, piled up over time like pebbles that slowly collect on the shore to form a beach. Each one is a contribution in its own right. I don’t feel anything’s too small or meaningless to remember.

  3. It must have been awful to pour your heart out and then get nothing in response. Especially since you were so kind to others. But you got the best prize of all after all. Rob. Happy anniversary!

    1. There are a few who would dispute the “kind” thing. I just added the note to assure certain parties about “sensitive” info. I never had much and didn’t keep any.

      Rob is the silver lining.

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