Not feet or meters of it, but it’s here and the ever colder temperatures mean it’s staying. I think it was closing in on May before the ground was free of it this last year.

I love what passes for summer here. The near eternal daylight when the sun is up in the middle of the night and doesn’t set until well after eleven pm, and the yellow of the canola fields which nearly surround our hamlet. But the price is a winter with the staying power of the Energizer bunny.

I am too old to need a white Christmas. The magic doesn’t work for me. In fact having a child is what killed Christmas and white powder won’t bring it back.

I am not an enthusiast of winter sports though I toyed with the idea of cross country skiing before we were tempted into the Texas relocation which ended up not happening. So skis were never purchased and the hockey skates that took their place are lovely but we have an indoor rink just across the street and not enough yard for a rink of our own.

So I don’t need snow for the holiday or for fitness and I find it an annoyance that grows as I age as far as vehicles and driving are concerned. Little can tempt me into driving when ice or even just snow pack covers the road. I do it grudgingly and only because I don’t want my family to starve or my bum to grow too large from lack of going to the gym.

I am a Canadian now. I will man up and endure as all good Canucks do. But I reserve the right to whine a tiny bit between now and early May.

11 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I willingly traded the long, cold, snowy winters of Maine for the hot, humid, uncomfortable summers of Maryland. I can always find a way to get warm, but outrunning heat and humidity is pert near impossible.

  2. I’m intrigued…how did having a child kill Christmas?? But I’m with you on the snow thing. It’s pretty from inside a cozy house, but driving in it is awful and it sticks around way too long.

  3. I like the snow, but in very small doses. That is why I like the weather so much better in Oklahoma than I did in Michigan.

    I think you are a brave woman to voluntarily live in the North country, even with a bit of whining. Bundle up and stay warm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I thought that having kids around enhanced Christmas? What happened?

    Elevated level of expectation? Extra work? The fact that we spent three of her earliest Christmases working around dying and death? It was easier before kids. Everything I did was based on my wanting to instead of having to.

  5. I don’t think I could do real winter now if you paid me. Moving to AZ took 10 years off me–just to have that light made the difference. Now, I enjoy the snow from a distance, dusting the mountains I see from my backyard.

    Sun light. I totally agree. I think I sleep less in the summer now trying to capture as much as I can to see me through the winter.

  6. whining ok – isn’t that part of the reson we blog? i don’t mind the snow, but it’s the darkness that wears on me. that far north? i’d have to get grow lights…

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