The Master of My Domain(name)

So the girl who has everything now owns her own dot com and dot ca, an early Christmas present from her husband. I have been thinking for some time I either start a new blog or put a different face on this one. Recent events convinced me I had put it off too long, and so Rob went and purchased my anniegirl1138 domain name, locking it down as a com and a ca. Now I need to get serious about upgrading the site and either learning some css or paying someone to redesign my site.

As if to confirm my epiphany, Mary Andonian published a piece at The Writer Mama about polishing one’s professional stance which left me slapping myself upside the head because I should have thought of most of it already.

Right now anyone who types in www dot anniegirl1138 dot com will be redirected here. I doubt with everything I have to do this month the physical face here will change much, but come the new year, changes will be afoot.

7 thoughts on “The Master of My Domain(name)

  1. Very Good. Now check out Sandbox, and if you need help with CSS, I can give you names of some good sites.

    Thanks for suggestion. I am swamped right now with stuff to do but later in the month I am going to work on the new face.

  2. That’s great! Something that’s all yours! How exciting!

    It is. Something all your own is so important.

  3. I love change! It feels so invigorating, especially this time of year. And yay for the early Xmas present. It is wonderful to own your domain.

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