You are a Winner

My NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words was reached and slightly surpassed this morning at 50,197 words, and I am only at Idaho Falls. This despite a rather annoying interruption early last week the resolution of which still continues to elude me.


At breakfast this morning, Rob related an article at The Zoo about Joe the Plumber. Seems he has a book deal. Seriously? Well, if that is the case – who can’t get published these days? Certainly improves my odds, don’t you think?

With about thousand words under my figurative belt for the day, it’s time to take a break for more Christmas gearing up. Yesterday it was Santa Parade, tree farm, and the Jo’burg country craft market. Today it is decorating and sleigh rides at the church down the road. We haven’t any snow, so that should be interesting.

I also need to get on the wrapping of parcels to send to the U.S. I sent my brother C.B a package a couple of weeks ago and it is still sitting at the border. A common occurrence this time of year though the Americans are far more paranoid than the Canadians, so packages coming this way travel at a slightly more expeditious speed.

First of December tomorrow. Time is sprinting and I have the cheesy annual Christmas update letter to family/friends and people I just want to make jealous of me to write. Back to the regular posting schedule starting tomorrow my dear readers.

12 thoughts on “You are a Winner

  1. Good for you–and about the “annoying interruption”===well—take it for what it is–annoying–like a gnat and brush it off. You go girl!!

  2. why would you want to make friends/family jealous? Don’t write the annual update letter, be mysterious instead.

    Just kidding. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would be jealous of me or my life. It seems though that many of the christmas updates I get are brag letters rather than catch ups – all the high hilights and none of the reality.

  3. Omigod … about Joe the Plumber. I am trying SO hard not to lose faith in this world of ours, but when I hear things like that, well …

    On a happier note, congrats on reaching your goal. And keep writing, keeping putting your good words out there. Joe the Plumber be danged.

  4. Congrats, Annie. Another goal met? Check.

    Not only does Joe the Plumber have a book deal, but he is also being groomed and wooed by the right for a run for office.

    What? As Palin’s running mate in 2012? Is there any place on the planet where the inmates aren’t in charge of the rest of us?

  5. Congrats on reaching your goal!

    You wouldn’t think mail would be so difficult between countries nowadays. I have a package I sent to Dubai that’s giving me fits, and still isn’t delivered.

    We live in paranoid times. Hope you are feeling better.

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