Back When I was Cool is the Monday Meme

Except I was never cool. I was so uncool that as a teacher I took to telling my students that I was above cool. That’s how distant a relationship I have had with being cool.

I found this list over at Mad Hatter ages ago and thought it might be worth a meme.

In the 1970’s
I listened to Casey Kasem’s Top Forty Countdown every Sunday afternoon without fail.
I wore “husky” sized pants from J.C. Penney’s.
I played with Barbies and married them off to my brother’s G.I. Joe’s.
I rode the Schwinn banana seat bike I got for my 7th birthday until I was in junior high and my knees hit the handle bars. I loved that bike to the point I had to be pried from it.
I stuffed envelopes for Jimmy Carter during the 1976 election campaign.
I walked everywhere I didn’t ride my bike, so the oil embargo thing didn’t affect me much that I can remember.
I was too fat to wear a halter top.
I was too young to go to disco’s.
I read Rich Man, Poor Man because I wasn’t allowed to watch the mini-series, which was probably a lot less racy.
When I could finally drive, my car was a 1972 Dodge Dart.

In the 1980’s
I graduated from high school and then university.
I never voted for Ronald Regan.
I thought Madonna was a slut.
I cut the neckline out of my sweat shirts and chopped off the sleeves even though I never saw FlashDance or even liked the soundtrack.
I loathed aerobics.
I watched Dallas but not Dynasty.
I was a Santa Barbara fan after I gave up on General Hospital.
I watched Luke and Laura get married but not Charles and Diana.
I drove a 1976 Plymouth and then a 1986 Ford Tempo.
I moved away from home and never really looked back.

In the 1990’s
I survived the Midwest Flood of ’93. Two weeks without running water.
I traveled for the first time in my life to NYC and Washington D.C.
I bought my first house.
I wrote my first novel.
I met and married my first husband.
I ran, lifted weights, kick-boxed, earned a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and coached girls’ basketball.

In the 2000’s
I became a mother and then a step-mother.
I lost my husband to a progressive illness.
I met and married my second husband.
I emigrated to Canada.
I retired from teaching.
I became a writer.
I got published for the first time.
I wrote another novel.
I took up Yoga.
I quit watching television.
I took up blogging and befriended a world of virtual people.
I drove a Chevy Malibu and then an Avalanche and Equinox.
I am still not cool.

What about you?

6 thoughts on “Back When I was Cool is the Monday Meme

  1. i was in band and involved in theater in high school. ran with the “intelligentsia geek anti-establishment dork-squad”. moved in with my now ex-husband when i was 19. worked, went to school, married, bred…

    nothing cool about any of that.

    now? i bypassed “cool” and went straight to “eccentric”. it’s fun here. we have parties…

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