BlogHer 09 is in Chicago!

I have been watching the BlogHer site for news on the annual conference. Last year they were in San Francisco, as you may remember because I was dithering with the idea of attending. It just wasn’t feasible for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is my aversion for sleeping sans husband. 

This coming summer however is a must go and it’s Chicago locale couldn’t be more perfect. It’s just hours away from my mom who loves nothing better than having her granddaughter stay over. While Rob and I marvel at the fact that other people find BabyD sweet and a joy to look after, we don’t look these gift horses in the mouths but take them at the words coming out of said mouths. 

So it looks as though I will be able to fly into the hometown with BabyD, stay a few days and take off for the convention on my own. I asked Rob to come along but the estrogen fest nature left him feeling he could sacrifice our blissful bedding for a week or so of renovation and manly tools. My being out of the house will allow him to kick up dust – literally – that he can’t when I am around due to my allergies. I also have this habit of checking on him at too close intervals because I am sure that long silences mean he has a) fallen off something and is dead, b) sliced off a body part and is dying or c) both. It’s nothing really. Post loss syndrome. I still check on both he and BabyD in the night to make sure they are breathing. I hope to get over that someday.

BlogHer will be under one – expensive – roof, but no schlepping from here to another here. I haven’t been to a convention of any sort since my former school district gave up on the idea of once a year spring conventions. They used to drag us all downtown to the convention center on what nearly always turned out to be a cold, drizzily March day to listen to speakers and wander around peering at education wares which none of us aside from special ed people had budgets or authority to purchase. I think they were hoping we’d just dig deep and buy text books ourselves. My strategy involved attending one speaker session where I would be seen by an administrator or one of their minions among the staff and making sure that I strolled the exhibits until I ran into at least four co-workers who could vouch for my presence, and then I went to the mall and met up with other shirkers like me for lunch. I was the type who gave teaching a bad name. 

I am looking forward to meeting people I blog with however and others whose blogs I admire and/or comment on. By then perhaps I will have my memoir done and can network a bit to find out how to publish the darn thing. Actually I might have met a publisher yesterday at a workshop my writing group sponsored who might be an inroad, but I have to finish writing before I approach her with my questions.

Anyone else up for Chicago at the end of July? Yeah, not it’s most appealing season, but I am going this coming year.

3 thoughts on “BlogHer 09 is in Chicago!

  1. I wish, but I would much rather be in San Francisco at the end of July than Chicago.
    They never sent us nurses to conferences we could duck out of. We usually had to sit through the whole thing to get our CEUs, which we needed to renew our licenses. Once I got to a state that didn’t require CEUs for license renewal, I stayed away from them.

  2. First time I ever went to SF, it was for a school conference, and my private school subsidized a bunch of us. I did the same thing, and then hit downtown and Fisherman’s wharf. I was a good teacher; just an uppity employee who valued her time more than her bosses.

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