The First Sentence in Your Memoir is the Monday Meme

I am slogging away this week and until the 30th on my memoir which I am going to try to get published, but I can’t promise will ever see the light of day in the wider world. Immersed as I am, I will try to update you dear readers once a week as to my word count and progress.

Today, I would like to know how the first sentence (or paragraph, but please not the whole chapter) of your own memoir might read. Remember that your life has high and low points and has periods that are too boring for most people to be interested in, so it’s best to focus on time periods rather than whole lives. A life from beginning to present/end point are called “biographies” and as my husband reminded me – they are reserved for people who actually count in the historical record of the planet.

Therefore, pick a time period and begin. Here or at home with a link back.

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