If You Lost your Job is the Monday Meme

Leah McLaren is probably one of my favorite columnists. She writes for the Globe and Mail, and I envy the hell out of her job. I would love to be paid to have an opinion as opposed to just having one for free like I do here. She wrote a piece about long distance relationships back in August ago citing her own rather steady diet of them as the basis for her authority.

It seems that Ms. McLaren has always chosen her career over her relationship of the moment because she was not of the mindset that putting one’s relationship ahead of one’s chosen profession was the proper way to go about things. She felt that those who went in the opposite direction did so because they hated their jobs.

And that’s key.

Career versus job.

She makes the mistake that all people with careers do. They assume that the majority of the world works at something they deem a career rather than simply having a job that affords them (more likely not) with the means to live their lives. Most people I know have jobs. Jobs they would walk away from without a second thought if they won the powerball or someone offered to sugar-daddy them. Jobs can be great. They can be fun and stimulating and all those things that a career is – but they aren’t the core of who a person is. Not in my opinion.

I loved teaching. Lots of stuff about it I still miss. But it wasn’t my core. It didn’t fill me up. Or make me stupid enough to confuse work with life or value it above friends and family.

Very waspy way to look at things for a Canadian, I thought when I read her piece.

But I think many people have confused what is really important in this life. After all, if civilization as we know it ground to a halt in the next few years – and don’t think it couldn’t – what would you have going for you? If the job/career was gone? If you had to start with just the possessions in your possession right now and with the people who share your life right now. What then?

What does a life outside the model we have been conditioned to believe in look like?

2 thoughts on “If You Lost your Job is the Monday Meme

  1. This was one area where Don and I were SO very different. I had a career and he had a job and that is the way both of us wanted it. His “job” was a means to an end and I found my job my “means”. Looking back, he probably had it right. I still love my career, but I can see it moving from a career to a job a little each day. 5 years ago, I would think this event to be devastating–today I find it finally having balance. Does this make sense?

  2. I’m afraid I’m one of those folks who had a career. I never sacrificed relationships to it, but it did define me. I got a book one time that advocated writing a mission statement. I wrote “I am a nurse” as the first sentence. And that took me aback. Is that all I was? I never quite looked at things the same after that. Nursing, unfortunately, thrives on co-dependent people, and the culture is such that you are cowed into doing things that are not the best for you. Like going to work even when you are exhausted because with the shortages of nurses, there is no one to take your place. I could never go back to that.

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